Week of December 6, 2015
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To what depth does the Shinkai 6500 travel?
6500 feet
6500 miles
6500 meters

What was Walt Disney’s first feature-length animated film?
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

In Learn How to Make a Project, what sprite are you animating?
A dog
A cat
A bird

Sea Life

OceanExplore Earth’s oceans in Google Earth, tinyurl.com/o5kh3w4. Cousteau Ocean World features clips of adventures of ocean explorers, from torch divers to oceanauts, to brave divers being lowered to the bottom of the ocean in cages for early shark-tagging. Did you know that there are canyons at the bottom of the ocean? The Ocean Seafloor takes the water out of the ocean virtually so you can see what the bottom looks like. The Shinkai 6500 is a research vehicle that travels to unexplored areas of the ocean. See some of its beautiful discoveries, such as marine snow.

Play Space Race
Space Race

Read All About It!

TurtleHave you ever considered starting a newspaper? The Woodsboro World, woodsboroworld.com, is a school newspaper started by sixth-grader Arjun Patel. Creative writing, photography and video editing are just some of the skills necessary to run an online newspaper. In Campus Life, read about students’ activities, from the Book Club to Mrs. Johns Field Trip. News has stories such as The Glowing Sea Turtle and 4-Year-Old Finds Nodasaur Bone. Take a poll or read original works in Kid’s Korner. You might want to start your own school newspaper!

Kids Can Program

CatDo you think computer programming and animation are just for grown-ups? Scratch is a free program from the MIT Media Lab, scratch.mit.edu, to teach kids how to create original games, stories and animations. If you can imagine it, you can build it with Scratch. You’ll need a parent’s permission and an email address. When you log in, select Learn How to Make a Project in Scratch. Animate the character provided, or choose from the library’s characters, called sprites. In Starter Projects, you will learn to build Games and create Interactive Art, Music and Dance videos. Click the question mark for All Tips about adding effects and your own features to your project.

Speak Out

What kind of club would you
like to have at your school

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Join a Club

After-school clubs are a terrific way to meet new friends outside of the school day. There may be an organization you can join to meet people who like the same activities you do. If you enjoy reading, join a book club. Chess club is a good option if that’s your game of choice. A robotics club will appeal to kids who like building and physics.

If you enjoy trying new recipes at home, you might find a cooking club to join. Are you looking to exercise and get healthy? Competitive sports are not the only way to stay active — consider joining a running or biking club.

If your school doesn’t have the club you are looking for, many community centers have classes and clubs that meet after school. Talk to your parents and teachers to find out what is available nearby. You can also talk to your principal about starting a club of your own; you might be surprised by how many kids have the same interests as you. For ideas, check out this site on starting a book club: randomhousekids.com/blog/middle-grade-book-club-ideas#.ViRC-KQadj.


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