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What are clouds made of?
Water vapor and warm air
Water and air
Water droplets

When did Yina discover Emily Dickinson’s poem?
In 5th Grade
In 7th Grade
In 9th grade

Which group of people is most likely to study dinosaurs?

Studying Is Fun

StudyingYou can improve your math, language arts and science grades with Turtle Diary’s Online Practice, turtlediary.
. If
you are having trouble with certain concepts in your homework assignments, you may just need to practice. Choose a subject and grade level to get started. Try Comparing and Ordering Numbers in Fourth Grade Math. After practicing, select Games for more activities. Good grammar and punctuation are important in writing. Sharpen those skills in Language Arts. You’ll ace your next test when you study the Water Cycle, Clouds, Seasons and Weather in Science.

Play Swimming Otters
Swimming Otters

Poetry Stories

Poem ProjectThe Favorite Poem Project, www.favoritepoem.org, is a video collection of Americans reciting beloved poems. John Doherty shares Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” and why he feels a connection to the words. He says poetry is a challenge: At first a poem may seem like just a group of words, but then its meaning becomes clear. Meet Yina Liang, a high school student from Georgia, who shares Emily Dickinson’s poem “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” She talks about the pressures young people face with school, family and friendships. Can you relate to this? Maybe you’ll be inspired to love poetry, too.

Dinosaur Games

dinokidsStep into the world of Dinosaurs, discoverykids.com/
, with Discovery Kids’ collection of games, videos and activities. Do you think you know a lot about dinosaurs? Take the Dinosaurs Quiz to find out. You will get a chuckle when you see dinos dancing in “So You Think Dinosaurs Can Dance?” Dinosaurs and birds have always been linked. Read the article “Is There a Link Between Dinosaurs and Birds?” to find out whether birds came before dinosaurs. Grab your magnifying glass and Zoom in on T. Rex, right down to those 6-inch teeth! Then take a closer look at one of the largest dinosaurs ever found, the Futalognkosaurus.

Speak Out

What are your family’s
favorite holiday traditions

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Holiday Traditions

The holidays are always an exciting time, with many opportunities to give gifts and serve those in your community. There are many events that encourage you to spend time with your family. You can also look forward to the holiday break from school.

Here are a few websites with terrific ideas for holiday traditions and activities you can enjoy with your family, while staying healthy and safe.

10 Holiday Tips for Kids

5 Ways to Stay Healthy for the Holidays

Creating Healthy Holiday Traditions

Holiday Cooking With Kids


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