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Who was in charge of the ship?
Master Jones
Captain Smith
Captain John

What ingredient in the recipe gives Green Hummus its color?

Where was the Mayflower’s first documented voyage?
Bordeaux, France
Trondheim, Norway
Malaga, Spain

The First Thanksgiving

VillageTake a virtual field trip to Plimoth Plantation with Scholastic’s The First Thanksgiving, scholastic.
. Watch the Pilgrim Village to learn about the hardships of the 102 passengers on the Mayflower on their 66-day voyage, including no bathrooms, showers or laundry! In Daily Life, read about the difficulties the Pilgrims faced in their first year in the New World. The native Wampanoag people were crucial to the survival of the settlers that first winter, which led to the celebration of the first harvest, now known as Thanksgiving.

Play Orbit Integers
Orbit Integers

Family Dinner

BowlThe Kids Cook Monday, thekidscookmonday.org, encourages kids to cook along with their mom or dad one night each week, and then sit down together to eat the meal. Download the colorful Family Dinner Date Cookbook in Resources. In Recipes, you will find Fun Snacks like Peanut Butter Snowmen and Tomato Pops. Making healthy meals together as a family is a great opportunity to try new dishes such as Robust Ratatouillie or Kale Mac and Cheese. If you would like to make a side dish to contribute to your holiday meal, you might try Cinnamon Sweet Potato Mash.

Pilgrims’ Voyage

ShipThe residents of the early Plymouth Colony had to endure many hardships to settle in a new land. Mayflower
History.com, mayflowerhistory.com, is a comprehensive resource you can use to learn more about the voyage the Pilgrims undertook in 1620. In Pilgrim History, learn about the ship, its crew and even the provisions they brought. Learn how the Pilgrims chose Plymouth’s location for their settlement in Mayflower’s Voyage. The Mayflower Passenger list shares personal details about the Pilgrims and their families. In Mayflower Geneology, meet famous descendants of the Pilgrims, including presidents, astronauts, poets and entertainers.

Speak Out

What is your favorite Thanksgiving
family tradition or food?

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Dear Amy: Do other countries celebrate Thanksgiving? — David T., Los Angeles

Dear David: While Thanksgiving is an American holiday, other countries have festivals that are similar to our tradition. Thanksgiving in America commemorates the meal that the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians shared in 1621.

Other countries celebrate a harvest holiday. China marks the end of harvest season with a three-day feast featuring roasted pig and moon cakes, which are given as gifts. Make your own Moon Cakes with this recipe from PBS Kids, pbskids.org/zoom/activities/cafe/mooncakes.html.

In southern India, harvest is celebrated by neighbors sharing their crops after a successful season. In Brazil, this holiday is celebrated on November 4 and is the Day of Giving Thanks (Dia de Ação de Graças). Although the Brazilian celebration was similar to ours when it began in 1940, it has since grown into a colorful celebration incorporating the diverse and colorful traditions of Brazil.

For more information about Thanksgiving Around the World, visit thanksgiving.org.uk/around-the-world.html.


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