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How is the metal Praseodymium used?
To fertilize plants
To color glass yellow
To make guitar strings

What is the name of the only American spacecraft sent to Mercury?
Apollo 13
Voyager 2
Mariner 10

How many farms does the state of Texas have?

Periodic Table

TableChicago’s Museum of Science and Industry brings the Periodic Table to life at goREACT, msichicago.org/
. Combine elements in the virtual laboratory and see what types of chemical reactions you can create. You can create more than 300 reactions! Select a topic at Featured Reactions to get started. For instance, if you choose Around the House, you’ll be asked to combine elements that make up chemicals you use in your home every day. Each reaction you build correctly will bring up an image or video that demonstrates where it is used in real life.

Play Meteor Multiplication
Meteor Multiplication


AstronomyDid you know that the sun is closer to Earth than any other star, and that’s why it affects our weather patterns? StarTeach Astro-
nomy Education, starteach
, describes the universe in a way that is easy to understand. The first detailed maps of the Earth and sky were made by a Greek philosopher thousands of years ago. Learn his name in History of Astronomy. Astronomy played an important role in many Ancient Cultures. The people of Ancient Mesopotamia used the orientation of constellations to mark the seasons.

Farm Games

FarmerWhen you sit at the dinner table, can you make the farm-to-fork connection? Learn more about where your food comes from at My American Farm, myamericanfarm.org/classroom/
. Earn passport stamps when you play Ag Across America, a game testing your knowledge of where agricultural commodities are produced. Receive a Fun Fact for every correct answer. For instance, did you know that three-quarters of products in supermarkets contain some form of corn? Use your math skills for the challenges in Amazing Grains, then put your building skills to use around the world as an Equipment Engineer.

Speak Out

Is eating organic food important
to you? Why or why not?

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Organic Foods

When you go to the grocery store with your parents, you often see foods marked as organic, natural, or containing no GMOs or high-fructose corn syrup. What do these labels mean, and how do you decide which is better to eat?

These and other questions are important to consider when purchasing food. In order to be labeled organic, a product must meet standards that are set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

To make the best choices for you and your family, do your research. The following websites can help you make informed decisions.

Organic Agriculture

Organic and Other Environmentally Friendly Foods

What Does Organic Mean?


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