Week of November 1, 2015
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What are the building blocks that DNA molecules are made of?

Who invented the first battery?
Thomas Edison
Alessandro Volta
Nikola Tesla

Which dinosaur was nearly 100 feet long and weighed as much as 14 elephants?
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Virtual Lab

Target SequenceHave you ever wondered about DNA’s role in diagnosing illnesses and solving crimes? Visit the PCR Virtual Lab, learn.genetics.utah.edu/
, to learn how it works. As you participate in an experiment to create copies of DNA strands, you will learn why each step is important. For instance, did you know that a temperature of 203 F is required to separate two strands of DNA in a test tube? Watch what happens when your PCR tube is placed in the DNA Thermal Cycler. Find out how many cycles it takes to create more than a billion segments of DNA.

Play Otter Rush
Otter Rush

All About Energy

TurbinesAlliant Energy Kids, alliantenergykids.com, teaches students about wise energy use. In Energy Basics, learn about inventors who discovered much about today’s energy. While you use it daily to turn on lights and charge your electronics, you might not realize that electricity can be dangerous. Learn rules of Playing It Safe. Did you know that you should watch for power lines before you climb a tree? Find out how you can help save Energy and the Environment. Test your knowledge in Fun and Games, then choose Cool Projects to Try at Home.

Dino Fun

DinoScholastic presents Dinosaurs, teacher.
, an interactive site you can use for research or fun. Drag the creatures to their correct time period in Dinosaur Times. Show What You Know when you play Real or Make-believe? and try to determine whether statements are fact or fiction. For instance, did snakes exist with dinosaurs? If you’re asked to write about dinosaurs, there are many genres to choose from. Discover a genre you like in Dinosaur Write. Research Starters gives you ideas for projects. Visit Ask a Dinosaur Expert and read about fossil hunter Sue Hendrickson.

Speak Out

What is the best group project you’ve ever participated in?

Speak Out Here!

Make Projects Fun

Group projects can be challenging, but they also offer students a chance to put their individual talents to work. Let’s say your group is assigned a presentation about a U.S. president. Once you have completed your research, putting a creative presentation together can be a lot of fun. If you love music, you might suggest presenting your research in a rap or to the tune of a familiar song. Listen to the Presidents Rap for inspiration, at youtu.be/3uxhzO2xab8.

If someone in your group enjoys theater, you might create an original play to perform in class or even film ahead of time. Those who prefer working behind the scenes could be in charge of running the audiovisual or computing equipment.

Props are great devices to keep the audience interested. Someone in your group who is handy with tools or great at drawing could be in charge of this part of the project. Your school might even have props you can borrow from the music or theater department. Use your imagination, and your next school project should be terrific!


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