Week of October 18, 2015
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What is the median salary for an Air Traffic Controller?

What did the express riders warn others about?
The British soldiers
The Native Americans
The Confederate Soldiers

According to Aristotle, what was used for an air supply for divers in 360 B.C.?
A diving bell
A snorkel
An oxygen tank

Organize the Artifacts

ArtifactsCurly the Curator needs your help. The Curator Collection, tinyurl.com/
, is an assortment of artifacts that need to be organized by their time period. With your help, Curly can get this task done quickly. Before you begin playing, do some research. Scroll over the items on the shelf to learn more about them. There is a toy sitting on the shelf — can you guess which object it is? This game requires quick thinking, and you will be asked to move the boxes labeled by time period to catch the objects as they fall from the shelves. Are you up to the challenge?

Play Tractor Multiplication
Tractor Multiplication

Horses 101

HorseDid you know that there are more than 200 breeds
of horses in the world? The American Museum of
Natural History presents Beautiful Breeds, amnh.org/
. Breeding determines a horse’s qualities and the work that will best suit it. Many famous generals, including George Washington, rode Arabian horses because of their strength and endurance. See what other breeds are part of the Arabian bloodline, and Learn More about their origins. Before the Vikings brought horses to Iceland, its largest animal was the arctic fox!

Go Dancing

DancersYoung Dancers, www.young
dancers.org/ main.html
, is dedicated to kids who love dance. Dance is something you can enjoy in many ways, from taking classes, to dancing competitively, to watching live performances. Visit Beginners to find out about types of dance such as Classical Greek and Modern Theatre. Read interviews with professional dancers in Spotlight. Impress your friends with Dance Trivia, then visit the YD Gallery to see photographs of beautiful dancers. You can submit your original art to win a prize, or send a colorful dance-themed e-card.

Speak Out

What educational apps have you found valuable to download to your iPad?

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Get Moving!

Fall is a terrific time to get outside and exercise, but what if you aren’t on an organized sports team? Exercise is an important part of staying healthy. Did you know that when you exercise, you sleep better? Getting a good night’s rest is an important part of doing your best in school.

If you don’t particularly like running or organized sports, you can still get healthy; you just have to find an activity you enjoy. Let’s say you like being outdoors — you might try hiking or biking with your family or friends at a nearby park. Check out the following sites for more ideas:



Let’s Move

Coach Hooper


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