Week of October 11, 2015
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What is the median salary for an Air Traffic Controller?

What did the express riders warn others about?
The British Soldiers
The Native Americans
The Confederate Soldiers

According to Aristotle, what was used for an air supply for divers in 360 B.C.?
A diving bell
A snorkel
An oxygen tank

Live Math

Air TrafficWhen you are learning
geometry, long division
or fractions, do you ever
wonder when you’ll use
them in the real world?
We Use Math, weusemath.
, answers that question. Learn what the highest-paid college degrees have in common in Did You Know? Find out who the first female mathematician was in Math Tidbits. Being great at math does not necessarily
come naturally. How to Succeed in Math outlines the characteristics needed to do well. You may be surprised to know that hard work is more important than natural talent when it comes to math.

Play Kitten Hop
Kitten Hop

Interactive History

ShipsYour history book comes to life with the interactive
adventures in Explore America, tinyurl.com/ogwp
. Select a chapter to get started; each activity
requires correct answers to be successful. Travel to the Desert Southwest in Book 1 and build a pueblo for the Hopi people. Do you know the path ships took to discover America? Help Columbus find a western route to the Indies in Book 2. You’ll need to remember who funded his journey, and the items he collected along the way in order to cross the Atlantic. Take a March Toward Freedom and Equal Rights in Book 7.

Deep Sea Diving

DiverThe University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute presents Underwater Exploration, seagrant.wisc.edu/madison jason11. Today’s diving technology was not available to early divers. The Underwater Exploration Timeline takes you back to look at methods divers used in the beginning. Did you know the world’s first submarine was built in 1620? It was able to travel to a depth of 12 or 15 feet. Who designed it? Have you ever heard of Saturation Diving? Check out Tools and Gear to examine the equipment used for different types of diving. Read an interview with underwater archaeologist Keith Meverden in Diving.

Speak Out

What educational apps have you found valuable to download to your iPad?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: My parents just gave me an iPad and they said that I can download educational apps. Are there any that you can recommend? — Janine Z., San Diego, California

Dear Janine: Many educational apps are created by owners of reputable websites. BrainPOP, for instance, is a wonderful application that you may already be familiar with from school.

What you might not know is that you can also have the app on your mobile device and enjoy hundreds of short animated feature videos that explain concepts in all of your core subjects. You’ll enjoy videos, games and short quizzes. Find out more at brainpop.com/about/mobile.

Khan Academy is a free app that has short video tutorials for math, science, economics, history and music. For example, if you are having trouble with long division, you can search for videos that explain the concept step-by-step. It’s like having a tutor by your side.

You can also use it to learn about new subjects you are interested in, such as Computer Programming or Lego Robotics. You can find out more about the site and download the app at khanacademy.org/downloads.

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