Week of October 4, 2015
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Which classic novel inspired the name “Bookopolis”?
The Phantom Tollbooth
What to do about Alice
Because of Winn Dixie

What percentage of the Earth’s oceans has been explored?

At what age did Mozart write his first opera?

Books Are Awesome

BooksBook reports are a requirement when you are in school, and that’s why Bookopolis, bookopolis.com, is a terrific place to visit to find your next great read. Parental permission is required to join, but no personal information will ever be shared. After signing in, you can Explore New Books, then check them out at the library. Create a Bookshelf of favorites so you’ll remember what you want to read next. You can earn points and badges by participating in activities such as writing reviews and book reports, or recommending books to friends. Keep a Reading Log, then check out Fun & Games.

Play Integer Warp
Integer Warp

Connect to the Ocean

OceanOcean Literacy, howto
, means understand
ing how the ocean influences us and how our actions affect it. Essential Principles answer questions you may have wondered about. Ponds Freeze in Winter; find out why the ocean doesn’t. In The Great Plankton Race, you’ll design an organism that neither floats nor sinks. Sounds tricky, but resources will help you along the way. In Ocean in a Bottle, simulate an oil spill to see the effect waves have on oil. Learn why Exploring the Ocean With Robots helps scientists understand it.

Meet the Composer

ComposerMeet the artists whose music continues to enthrall us today. Classics for Kids, classicsforkids.
, brings Verdi, Brahms and other famous composers to life through stories, radio programs, games and music. Listen to This Month’s Featured Composer and learn what inspired him. Did you know that Mozart was already an excellent violinist and pianist by the age of 6? He was an acknowledged musical genius. Compose your own music in Games and listen to your original piece. Find out what it’s like to be a conductor, opera singer or performer in Musical Careers. You should bookmark this page for your next music project.

Speak Out

What study aids have you found
to be helpful?

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Time for Success

School is in full swing now, and you should have a better idea of what this year’s assignments and projects will involve. If you are having trouble in any subjects, now is the time to tell a teacher or a trusted adult so you can find out how to access tutoring and helpful resources. No matter what the subject is, tutoring and extra practice will help get you back on track.

Perhaps you are having trouble studying for history or science exams, which often require memorization. There are many ways to study effectively; you just have to find the methods that work for you. Check out these Study Skills Guides, educationcorner.com/study-skills.html, for techniques that might help.

While learning should be your main focus in school, sometimes distractions can keep you from doing your best. If you are experiencing any issues such as bullying or friendship trouble, a parent or trusted adult can work with your teacher to come up with ways to help resolve them. For more ideas, visit Stop Bullying, stopbullying.gov/kids/index.html.

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