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In which years were the modern Olympic Games canceled?
1896, 1915, 1935
1863, 1901, 1944
1916, 1940, 1944

How many sod bricks were required to build a 16-by-20-foot house?

What type of fire truck do we see most often?
Aerial Ladder Truck
Heavy Duty Rescue Truck
Pumper Truck

Olympic Games

ArcheryScholastic’s Go for the Gold, teacher.scholastic.com/
, takes a look at what is required to compete in the Olympics. Did you know that the first recorded Olympic Games occurred in ancient Greece in 776 B.C.? A cook won the only event. Find out what it was in History of the Games. In My Backyard outlines the rigorous process cities go through to be chosen to host the Games. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was selected to be the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics. Now it’s time for you to show off your skills when you Get in the Game and play It’s Greek to Me.

Play Puppy Pull
Puppy Pull

Stake Your Claim

Sod HouseLife in a Sod House, amhistory.si.edu/ourstory/
, looks back at the 1860s, when homesteaders traveled across the country to settle on the Great American Prairie. The land consisted of tall grasses and very few trees, so people had to adapt their home-building styles. After reading more, use your knowledge to Build a Sod House. Do you like a mystery? When you play Darkroom Detective you’ll examine two photographs and see what you can tell about the people in them. Complete the activities in Get a Sense of It! to experience life in a sod house.

Fire Safety

SparkySparky the Fire Dog, sparky.org, wants all families to be safe. Learn the ABCs of Fire Safety on Sparky TV when you watch Cartoons. Next, check out Sparky Comix if you want some laughs. On the serious side, download a Safety Checklist and an Escape Plan Grid to share with your family in Activities. Did you know that there are several different types of Fire Trucks? Hop in and start exploring them. A Heavy Duty Rescue Truck has two very important tools that have nothing to do with putting out fires. Explore the site and find out what they are. Play some Games to challenge yourself, or send a Sparky eCard to a friend.

Speak Out

How tiny do you think a house
can be and still be livable?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: We are studying the Tiny House movement in school, and for a class project we are going to build a model of one. Can you recommend any sites that would be good for our research? — Theodore S., Panama City, Florida

Dear Theodore: Sounds like a fun project! Tiny Houses are becoming a popular option for households looking to be free from the financial burdens of large house payments.

Homeowners typically spend 30 years paying off a home loan, and this can make it difficult to enjoy other activities such as travel. I am sure your class will be researching the financial benefits of this type of housing as well.

You can learn more at The Tiny Life, thetinylife.com. Check out Ryan’s Tiny House for tips about planning and designing your house.

For inspiration before you begin building, you might want to take a peek at some of the innovative ways people are building their homes across the country, and even the world. You can see many examples at Tiny House Talk, tinyhousetalk.com. You will find photographs, articles and a useful list of Resources that will help you in your research.

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