Week of September 20, 2015
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If you search for “African elephant,” what is the first recommended site?
African Wildlife Found-
Oakland Zoo
Kids Planet

Where should the lights go when you
are filming?
Behind the camera
Behind the person
Off to the side

What do the reflective panels do?
Reduce glare
Improve natural lighting
Block shadows

Reliable Research

libraryAwesome Library, awesome
, is a database of carefully reviewed resources you can use for your next paper or project. Your history teacher may ask you to write a paper about your favorite president. If you type in “George Washington” or “Abraham Lincoln,” you will get a list of reputable resources such as the Library of Congress. Let’s say you are doing general research in Science. You can select that topic and choose from a list of subtopics to narrow your search. Questions can come up during daily assignments, so if you need homework help, check out Ask a Question.

Play Country Toad
Country Toad

What Do You Think?

GirlKidzvuz, kidzvuz.com, is a safe space for kids to share their views about all kinds of topics. Have your say about games, movies, sports, pets, travel and more. Your opinions can be useful to your peers, helping them make more informed choices before they download apps, choose movies or read new books. In Obsessions, you can share your thoughts about such topics as music, fashion, collections and many more. Watch videos and rate them. Want Your Video to Rule? offers helpful filmmaking tips. Be sure to ask a parent’s permission to join. No personal information is collected or shared, and all posts are moderated.

Take a Photo

CameraThe Photographic Studio of William Notman presents Watch the Birdie, mccord-museum.qc.ca/en/keys/games/
. Travel back to 1870, when photography was new, and pick Client or Apprentice to play. As an Apprentice, you’ll learn about the camera and techniques used to make a high-quality image. If you succeed, the client may order several prints, and you’ll choose the best process to fill the order. Did you know that light-colored fabrics did not photograph well? You may notice in older photographs that people only wore a handful of colors. Find out which ones worked best.

Speak Out

How do you stay organized during
the school year?

Speak Out Here!

Cool Apps

Now that the school year is back in full swing, you are probably trying to juggle assignments, after-school activities, and social and family events. Staying organized can be a challenge, but fortunately there are several websites and apps that provide useful tips to help you keep track of both your school and personal schedules.

Organize, Focus, Get It Done
Tips for staying on top of a busy schedule.

Homework Helper
Get a variety of homework and report tips.

Learning Works for Kids
Find apps and games for learning.

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