Week of September 6, 2015
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In Picture Book Maker, what types of characters can you choose from?

On a $500 loan, what does the $500 represent?
Interest amount
Budgeted amount
Principal amount

Which South American primate has a curly white mustache?
Emperor Tamarin
Golden Lion Tamarin
Cotton-top Tamarin

Be Creative

ZapIf you like using your imagination, you will enjoy visiting Culture Street, culturestreet.org.uk/
. Login requires an email address and password, so ask a parent to help you get started. Once you are in, take a stroll down the street and stop at places that look interesting. For instance, the Super Action Comic Maker allows you to write and print your own comic strips by providing backgrounds, characters and scene choices. Still images come to life in the Stop Frame Animator, where you select a scene, add music, animate and press Play to watch your character come to life.

Play Demolition Division
Demolition Division

Money Management Game

SoccerWhat happens when you combine money management and sports? Financial Soccer, financialsoccer.com/play, simulates a professional game in which you score goals by answering monetary questions correctly. If you have ever saved your allowance, birthday money or gift cards to purchase something you really want, you know that managing funds requires making good choices. In Pregame, choose topics for practice answering more difficult questions in the game. When you’re ready, choose a level, game length and team. Careful: One wrong answer, and the other team will steal the ball!

Australian Creatures

KoalaSee wildlife from around the world at the Perth Zoo in Australia, perthzoo.wa.gov.
. While you may not be able to journey there to meet them in person, you can enjoy the vivid photographs and detailed descriptions provided, then download a fact sheet for your next animal research assignment. Were you aware that the largest living reptile is the Estuarine Crocodile? Its weight can reach more than 2,000 pounds! The Blue-billed Duck is rarely seen because it spends a lot of time feeding underwater, in addition to being very shy. Koalas are only found in eucalypt forests, where their favorite leaves grow.

Speak Out

Have you been given project assignments that include drawing?

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Learn to Draw

Have you ever been assigned a project that included drawing? For example, a book report could require you to create a book cover, or you might have to make a poster for a science or history project. If drawing is not your strong suit, an assignment that requires original art might be daunting.

Did you know there are online tutorials that can help you learn to draw step-by-step? If it’s a video tutorial, you can pause as often as you need to draw small parts of an object at a time.

Let’s say you are creating a book cover about horses. If you go to Art for Kids Hub, artforkidshub.com, and type “horse” into the search field, you will find a tutorial entitled “How to Draw a Horse,” with a video that shows you each step.

If you are working on a history project about George Washington, for instance, you might go to my personal favorite search engine, Safe Search Kids, safesearchkids.com, and type “How to Draw George Washington.” A list of kid-safe results will appear to help you complete a quality project.

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