Week of August 23, 2015
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Who stole the Golden Bat?
Bernie B. Grudge
Mayor Angie
Mayor Angie

Where did most of the U.K.ís Egyptian artifacts come from?

Where did Anne find her very first bookplate?
At the library
In the cellar
At school

Math Mysteries

GirlHow are your detective skills? Math Maven’s Mysteries, teacher.schol
, needs your help to solve mysteries that are happening all over town. Pick a Mystery to get started, and use the Audio button to hear the dialogue. Gather the facts you need to answer the question at the end. There are three levels of difficulty. In the Golden Bat Bandit, the local baseball team encounters a huge problem during its last game. Can you use the clues to find the seat where the bat is hidden? Help Chief Cyprus solve the case of the Dastardly Disguiser, and find missing jewels in Nashville.

Play Kitten Match
Kitten Match

Ancient Egypt

EgyptTravel back in time to Ancient Egypt as you follow a guard on a tour of The Egyptians, tinyurl.com/qjypgaw. This interactive adventure begins at the Museum, when you put together the Timeline of important events in history. Study the World Map and see if you can locate Egypt. Next, head to the Town to explore the Tomb, the Palace and the House, and examine various artifacts to learn more about residents’ daily life. Did you know that Tutankhamun became Pharaoh at just 9 years old? Learn about some other famous Egyptian rulers and what makes them historically significant.

Create a Book Plate

BookplateDo you own any books? Anne Fine, an award-winning children’s author, has set up My Home Library, myhomelibrary.org/
, to encourage others to build their own book collections. A bookplate is a unique drawing you can paste in the front of a book to let whoever opens it know that it belongs to you. Thanks to the work of many illustrators, there are countless options to download. You can choose bookplates for donated books or large, medium and small books. If you like humor, you can choose a Funny bookplate, or if you like to color, choose black-and-white bookplates to decorate yourself.

Speak Out

What memories would you put in your own yearbook?

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Your Own Yearbook

Have you ever had something hilarious happen to you, or experienced a super day that you’d like to remember? The beginning of the school year is a terrific opportunity to begin capturing memories in your life by uploading pictures and writing stories about your experiences.

With a parent’s permission, look for websites that make it a breeze to record time spent with friends and family, funny stories and exciting events. At the end of the school year, you can look back at those memories and share them with family and friends.

User-friendly site where you can create your own blog or website.

Set up a blog or website, choosing from hundreds of designs.

Create your very own stories.

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