Week of August 9, 2015
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Which types of wood make the best bows?
Yew, hazel, willow
Oak, burch, cedar
Hickory, cottonwood, elm

According to the NRDC, what percent of food produced in the U.S. goes uneaten?
20 percent
30 percent
40 percent

Why was the spelling of Gollie’s name changed?
It reminded her of tadpoles
It reminded her of pollywogs
It reminded her of snails

Live in the Past

YardWould you have the skills to survive Life in the Iron Age, tinyurl.com/ogb33gl? Thous-
ands of years ago, people didn’t have modern conveniences such as electricity, matches or running water. Archaeologists uncover artifacts at historic sites, then conduct experiments to discover how people accomplished everyday tasks. You will be challenged to identify objects used to complete daily chores such as baking, spinning wool and making fires. You might be surprised at how versatile the simplest tools can be. Once you complete the tasks, take a quiz to test your knowledge.

Play Alien Addition
Alien Addition

Be Yourself

LemonadeActress Amy Poehler encourages young people to change the world by using their creativity and intelligence. Amy’s Smart Girls, amysmartgirls.com/topics, has the motto “Change the World by Being Yourself.” What does this mean? In Culture, read Talking to “Inside Out” Screenwriter and Smart Girl Meg LeFauve, and hear her advice for kids like Riley, who are navigating growing up. In Animals, meet 10-year-old Mikaila Ulmer, whose business, Bee Sweet Lemonade, is helping to solve a big problem. See how you can become a bee ambassador.

Best Friends

PancakesDo you have a best friend? Meet Bink and Gollie, binkandgollie.com, the main characters in the popular book series, and join them on their crazy adventures. In Who’s Who you’ll find out things you didn’t know about Bink, Gollie and Fred. For instance, did you know that Gollie secretly dreams of growing up to be a Major League Baseball player? Win a donut in Fun Stuff when you play Whack a Duck! Then help Gollie reach the top of the mountain when you play An Extraordinary Accomplishment. Learn more about the Creators of this beloved book series, and find out how it all began by just “throwing out” a sock!

Speak Out

Have you participated in
community service projects?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I will be assigned a community service project when school starts, and I’m supposed to come up with an idea beforehand. Can you help? — Benjamin S., Seattle, Washington

Dear Ben: One way to begin is to read about the problems going on in your community and think of ways that you can help. For instance, Teens for Jeans is a campaign where Aéropostale partnered with schools to collect jeans to deliver to homeless shelters. Participating schools – 13,000 of them – were able to collect 5 million pairs of jeans!

Dosomething.org is a place that features campaigns started by people all over the country to solve important issues. It is a terrific place to find inspiration for your own project. For instance, if you type in “cancer,” you will see a project called Give a Spit About Cancer. This project encourages people to join the national bone marrow registry by submitting to a simple test.

School supplies are an expense that many families have trouble with at this time of year. Backpack Attack is a project that helps with this problem. Find an issue you are passionate about, and I’m sure you’ll come up with a great idea for your project.

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