Week of August 2, 2015
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What is a pondok?
A stream
A hut or a shack
A small market

What pesticide was known to weaken the shells of bald eagle eggs?

What is the No. 1 cause of amphibian population
Habitat destruction
Global Warming

Sumatran Tiger Game

TigerThe San Diego Zoo presents Tiger Trail, sdzsafaripark.
, an exciting game where you help the Sumatran tiger navigate its environment. As you play Tiger Trail, see how tigers are top predators, but must still avoid dangers as they hunt for food. Traveling the trail, you will need to think fast in order to avoid poachers’ traps. After you play the game, Explore Tiger Trail and Watch Tigers in action. You may be surprised to learn that not all cats dislike water. In Tiger Power, watch Tiger in Water and see how well they can swim.

Play Giraffe Dash
Giraffe Dash

Protect Wildlife

TurtleDefenders of Wildlife, defenders.org/wild-places-and-wildlife, is an organization that works to protect animals and habitats from population decline. Learn about species it is fighting to protect in Defenders in Action. Did you know that there were once as few as 500 bald eagles in North America? Find out how the Desert Tortoise survives in ground temperatures as high as 140 degrees. Farmers and gardeners rely on honeybees to pollinate plants. Read the Pollinator Predicament to learn the dire effects of the decline in honeybees on the world’s food supply.

Frog Art

FrogsDo you like to draw? If so, you might consider entering the Save the Frogs Art Contest, savethefrogs.com/art, to share your talent. Your participation will help raise awareness of the factors leading to the decline in frog populations around the world. Find out more when you visit Why Frogs? You may not know this, but at some point in school, you might be asked to dissect a frog. Learn why classroom Dissections are no longer necessary, thanks to virtual dissection software. See why humans’ taste for Frog Legs has contributed to the problem. Find out how constructing more wetlands can help in Re-Frogging America.

Speak Out

Have you ever
entered a contest?

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Enter a Contest

You may think of competition as primarily involving sports. However, there are many ways to compete and showcase your skills individually or as a member of a team. Have you ever considered entering a contest? You may be surprised to learn that there are many types of contests that allow kids to display their skills. Whether you like writing, photography, math, science, robotics, design or building, you can find places to use your talent and even win prizes.

Free Contests for Kids, freecontestsforkids.com, is constantly adding new contests that include topics such as cooking, writing, art and science. With the help of a parent, you can even enter Disney Sweepstakes to win a family vacation.

The Educational Opportunity Guide, eog.tip.duke.edu/home/academic_
, lists Academic Competitions provided by Duke University’s Talent Identification Program. Students can compete in Multidisciplinary topics, Humanities, Mathematics and Sciences. There is even a competition for young inventors. Participating in these contests and challenges can open opportunities for your future.

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