Week of July 19, 2015
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In which branch of the military did John F. Kennedy serve?

What types of animals live in the Emergent Layer of the jungle?
Sloths, lizards, insects
Birds, frogs, butterflies
Bats, reptiles, monkeys

Who wrote “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”?
Mark Twain
Jane Austin
Judy Blume

Explore the World

MountainKids Discover presents Spotlights, kidsdiscover.
, descriptions of important events throughout history. Did you know that a shipment of tea helped spark the American Revolution? Learn how, when you explore The Boston Tea Party. Did you know that astronauts can travel to the International Space Station in six hours? Find out how Engines have revolutionized the way we travel. The tallest mountains in the world can be found in the Himalayas. You’ll be amazed when you find out how they were formed and continue to grow.

Play Hungry Puppies
Hungry Puppies

Jungle Life

ParrotExperience wildlife in the Jungle Journey Game, pbs.org/wnet/
. Start at the Canopy to learn about the creatures who live there. Did you know that sloths spend most of their lives hanging upside down? A howler monkey’s call can be heard from two miles away! As you travel down to the Understory, meet the jungle’s top predator — can you guess what it is? On the Forest Floor you’ll find some creepy creatures to watch out for next time you examine a bunch of bananas at the grocery store.

Reading Fun

DetectiveReading is a terrific way to spark your imagination and meet interesting characters. Book Adventure, bookadven
, is a database of 8,000 book titles. Sherlock Bailey is a helpful guide who will assist you in your search. Create a book list to take to your local library. With a parent’s permission, create an account and save your list. When you finish reading, you can return to the site and take a quiz about the story you read. You will earn points for each book you read and for completing your quizzes successfully. Visit the Prize Library to spend your points on cool prizes.

Speak Out

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Homework Ahead

With school beginning in a few weeks in some parts of the country, that means homework is just around the corner. You might want to get a list of helpful sites bookmarked now, so you’ll be ready when classes start. The four main subjects in school are math, language arts, science and history. With those in mind, you might focus on sites for research, writing and homework help. Here are a few that will let you get started.

Study Jams

Time for Kids Homework Helper

Khan Academy

BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper

Safe Search Kids

Ask Amy a Question

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