Week of July 19, 2015
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What helps you steer on a dark night?
A GPS and a flashlight
A lighted compass and the stars
A map and a compass

How can math save your life?
Medical Statistics
All of the above

In Imperial China, what do you have to beware of?
Fire-breathing dragons
Palace guards
All of the above

Life as a Sailor

ShipA Sailor’s Life for Me,
asailorslifeforme.org, shows you what life was like working aboard a ship in the 19th century. Join the USS Constitution’s War of 1812 crew, but in order to Enlist you have to answer a few questions. Life aboard a ship can be rough. There is plenty of food, but you’ll be sharing a room with 200 sailors. Do you get seasick or are you afraid of heights? At times, sails have to be adjusted 100 feet above the deck. One of your jobs will include scrubbing the deck with a stone, sand and water. Earn promotion points for a job well done.

Play Grand Prix Multiplication
Sailboat Subtraction

Real Life Math

SpaceWhen you are learning about fractions, long division and word problems, do you ever wonder Why Do Math, www.whydomath.org? America’s Cup explains how mathematicians helped design the yacht that won the event in 2003. In Neuroscience Mathematics, discover how math helped neurosurgeons understand how neurons spike in a brain. NASA engineers used math to make space travel more efficient. By making loops through space and taking advantage of gravity, spacecraft can use less fuel and reach their destinations more quickly.

Travel Through Time

RomeIn the British Museum’s Time Explorer, britishmuseum.
org/explore/young_ explorers/play/time_
you are a curator who travels through time to rescue artifacts before they are destroyed by natural disasters. Using a special time bracelet to visit four ancient civilizations, your mission will contain challenges, bonus objects and hidden dangers, so you must be alert at all times. Rescue a precious goblet from Ancient Rome before a volcanic eruption occurs. A devastating earthquake will destroy a Mosaic Mask unless you travel to the temple to find it and return it to the priest in time.

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What is your favorite rainy day

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Rainy Day Fun

A rainy day presents a great opportunity to use your imagination and have some indoor fun. Science experiments with household items can be cool: You can create a liquid rainbow or a cloud in a jar, or try making a homemade rain gauge or your own rain stick. Thunder and lightning can be loud and sometimes scary, but if you learn more about how they work, they might not be so frightening.

Do you like camping? How about turning your living room into a campsite? Set up your sleeping bags and make snacks. Maybe your mom or dad can help you make s’mores with graham crackers, chocolate bars and toasted marshmallows. Find these and other terrific ideas at 26 Rainy Day Activities for Kids, mykidsadventures.com/rainy-day-activities.

Did you know that you can make your own play dough? It just takes a few simple ingredients. Make sure an adult is available to help. You will find The Best PlayDough Recipe at kidsactivitiesblog.com/206/play-dough.


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