Week of July 5, 2015
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What are the “Three P’s” of fire safety?
Protect, Plan, Practice
Prevent, Plan, Practice
Preserve, Play, Practice

What is the most crucial and visible tool in baseball?
The Bat
The Ball
A Glove

Who published the first printed version of the Declaration of Independence?
John Locke
John Dunlap
John Hancock

Practice Fire Safety

safetyWith summer barbecues, campfires and fireworks, it is very important to learn about fire safety. Visit Fire Safe Kids, firesafekids.org, to practice fire safety through online games. Begin with Safety, where you learn to stop a fire before it starts. For instance, did you know that you should never place clothes or blankets on a lamp, because the bulb gets too hot and can start a fire? You can help remind your parents to change the batteries in home smoke detectors. Unlock New Games as you learn. When you think you are ready, try the Hidden Game Challenge.

Play Typing Jets
Typing Jets

Science of Sports

BallbatDo you play sports? Exploratorium’s Sport Science, exploratorium.edu/explore/
, takes a look at the aerodynamics, force and physics behind your favorite sports. Move famous baseball players through time and see how their stats change in the Baseball Time Machine. Find out the difference between throwing Curveballs and Knuckleballs. Improve your game when you find out what makes a home run in Scientific Slugger, then try “Baseketball.” The Hockey Check Force Calculator can help you find out just how much force is behind each collision you see on the ice.

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of IndependenceThe Library of Congress presents Creating the Declaration of Independence, loc.gov/
, an examination of the document that declared the American Colonies’ separation from England. Congress approved the Declaration on July 4, 1776, and we celebrate it on Independence Day. In Overview, Explore Thomas Jefferson’s first draft. See the pages in Transcribe. Examine ideas such as Pursuit of Happiness and All Men are Created Equal, and learn who inspired Jefferson in Where Did This Idea Come From?

Speak Out

What are your Independence Day

Speak Out Here!

Independence Day Activities

You may have celebrated Independence Day by going to see fireworks or attending a picnic. You can continue observing the holiday this weekend by visiting a historical landmark or making patriotic treats like red, white and blue popsicles. If you enjoy crafts, you can decorate your house with colorful flags, stars and stripes. You can also learn more about the holiday at these great sites:

July 4th Family Fun

Fourth of July Ideas for Kids

Happy Birthday America

Fourth of July Kids Corner


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