Week of June 21, 2015
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How high is the subalpine region of Mount Everest?
5,000 feet
9,000 feet
11,000 feet

Who donated the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution?
Queen Elizabeth
King Louis XVI
Harry Winston

In Magazines, what product is Cindy Moon promoting?
Moon Candy
Kit Kats

Explore Your World

PlumGet ready to explore Earth at PBS Kids Plum Landing, pbskids.org/plumlanding. When you play Mangroovin’ you’re a baby grouper, and you need to eat enough shrimp to survive while avoiding predators. Did you know that mountain climbers must wear oxygen masks at high altitudes? Watch Earth to Blorb: Mountains, in Video, to see why. The colorful characters on The Ship have explored many places. Click on their bubbles to discover what they found. See Pictures kids have shared about their explorations, then share some of your own.

Play Ducky Race
Ducky Race

Start a Collection

NecklaceSummer is a great time to start a collection. Smithsonian Kids Collecting, tinyurl.com/clcpy6g, introduces you to some of the priceless collections housed in the museum. You’ll be inspired by the National Gem and Mineral Collection. In Behind the Scenes, meet Mike Wise, a Smithsonian geologist who travels around the world collecting mineral specimens. Learn why the airmail stamp, created in 1918, is the most famous American stamp. In Reel People, view several unique private collections.

Behind the Scenes

Music StudioMusic, television, magazines and the Internet are all media that influence our opinions about celebrities. Enter My Pop Studio, mypopstudio.com, to experience mass media behind the scenes. In the Music Studio, create a pop star and help build her image. Next, create a commercial and choose a song to sell each product in Selling With a Song. Discover your TV personality in Out of the Box. As a Magazine Publisher, you have the chance to get the story right, before it is published. Now explore different issues in Digital Studio.

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What are some of your favorite
summer family activities?

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Family Fun

Catch up on quality time with your family this summer. Whether you are taking a vacation or staying in town, the warm weather of summer makes it easier to get out and try new things. Go on picnics, family bike rides, camp out in the backyard, plant a garden, go swimming, cook meals together and much more.

Here are some websites that may give you more ideas of activities you might enjoy with your family over the summer.

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