Week of June 14, 2015
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Which social skill were you practicing in Owl-1?
Self Control

In 1993, what caused the biggest outbreak of waterborne illness in the U.S.?
A parasite

In Weekly Reader Connections, what is the real-world connection in Unit 1?
Bionic eye
Bionic brain
Bionic arm

Social Skills at the Zoo

ClassroomDo you enjoy working with animals? Meet Principal Wild, head of Zoo U, zoou.mybluemix.net, a school for future
zookeepers. Begin with the Principal’s Introduction, which will prepare you for the adventures you are about to experience. Each animal represents a social skill that you have to learn. In order to master each one, collect all 100 coins in a scene. New scenes are unlocked as you play. Help Owlivia regrow her feathers in science class by carefully following instructions to mix a special tonic. You’ll soon learn that following exact instructions is key to success at Zoo U.

Play Island Chase
Island Chase

Protect the Environment

BearEnter the Environmental Health Student Portal, kidsenvirohealth.nlm.
, to learn how the environment can affect our health. A tornado might damage a water treatment plant, which would affect a community’s access to clean drinking water. Air pollution does not just occur outside; air inside a home can become polluted with paint fumes, cleaning chemicals or mold. Such pollutants can cause allergic reactions or more serious health issues. Find out how you can help reduce the effects of Air Pollution, Chemicals, Climate Change and Water Pollution for your family.

Math Practice

DogKeep your math skills sharp over the summer when you visit Roz’s Math-a-rama, eduplace.com/kids/
. Pick your grade level to get started, then check out eGames. In Math Lingo, you will match a phrase with its numerical equivalent. You must get three in a row to win. Take fun surveys at Data Place, then see how your answers compare with other kids. Visit Extra Practice to study place value, money and other important skills in a colorful game format. Did you struggle with any math concepts last school year? Extra Help has short video tutorials that clearly explain specific concepts so you’ll be ready for the next school year.

Speak Out

Why do you think it’s important to leave animal babies alone unless they’re hurt?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: The other day I saw a baby bird hopping on the ground and wanted to rescue it, but I didn’t know how. What should I have done? — Erin J., Little Rock, Arkansas

Dear Erin: Usually, the best advice if you find any baby animal is to leave it alone. However, if it is injured or its eyes are not opened, if you see a dead parent nearby or if there is an immediate threat such as a dog, cat or a car, you need an adult’s help.

Most songbirds fledge, or leave the nest, while still being cared for by their parents, who spend weeks feeding and teaching them survival skills. Young birds have a much better chance of surviving to adulthood if they stay with their parents.

In fact, it is against the law to raise wild birds in captivity unless you have had special training and a permit. Learn more about why it’s usually best to leave baby birds (and other animals) alone:

All About Birds

National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association nwrawildlife.org/sites/default/files/FoundBird.pdf


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