Week of June 7, 2015
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What is the first step in water treatment?

In This is Your Life, what is the oldest layer in the first mystery guest?
Basalt Igneous
Shale Sedimentary
Gneiss Metamorphic

How does a circuit need to be connected in order to work?
In a complete circle
Plugged into an outlet
With a powerstrip

Clean Water

FishHave you ever wondered what happens to water after it goes down the drain? Wonderville presents Water Treatment, wonderville.ca/
, a look at the science behind clean water. We use water to brush our teeth, wash our hands, cook, do laundry and more. One person uses an average of 300 liters of water per day. Did you know that less than 3 percent of Earth’s fresh water is in its lakes and rivers? Play What’s Up With the Water to learn about the water treatment process and find out what is wrong with Wonderville’s water supply.

Play Tugboat Addition
Tugboat Addition

Science Games

LakeVisit Online Games at Engaging Science, tinyurl.com/kxd5lqp, and meet Roly J. Robot, your guide through a series of fun science games. At the HR MacMillan Science Centre, play It’s Just a Phase and try to match the moon picture to its time and date. Do you know what things are good or bad for a wetland habitat? Visit the Vancouver Aquarium and play Wild Wetlands, where you can help conserve the wetlands by removing the bad things. Do you know the difference between a conductor and an insulator? Find out in the Current Affairs garage at Science World.

Build a Factory

CircuitDo you enjoy building and creating things? Design Squad Nation’s Fidgit Factory by PBS Kids, pbs
, is a game that helps you understand how electrical circuits work. Your job is to build circuits and install machines in the factory so it will be ready for the Fidgets’ party. Once the factory is set up, your challenge is to build the Fidgets before you run out of power. You have a limited number of batteries, so you must work fast! Unlock new levels as you complete each task successfully. Check out More Epic Stuff for games and fun videos, such as Parts and Crafts.

Speak Out

What skill would you like to improve on over the summer break?

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Summer Skill Building

For most kids, the school year is packed with homework, activities, lessons and other commitments. The slower pace of summer can be a good time to do some things that will help make the next school year a little easier.

For instance, let’s say you want to get better at sports because you have a hard time in P.E. class. If you practice throwing, catching, kicking and running skills, once school begins, P.E. won’t be such a big deal.

Just learning a few basic skills can improve your confidence. You can go to the batting cages, practice volleyball or play basketball over the summer. You’ll find that practice makes all the difference when it comes to sports. For more tips, check out this article at Kids Health, kidshealth.org/kid/stay_healthy/fit/no_sports.html.

Art is another area where you can improve over summer. Many free online videos teach drawing step-by-step. This skill can help you illustrate book reports and science projects, for example. Visit the Arty Factory, artyfactory.com/portraits, and learn how to draw pencil portraits.


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