Week of May 31, 2015
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What part of a flower makes pollen?

What is 132 divided by 12?

What is a safari?
A forest
A hunting expedition
An island

Be Healthy

FlowersKids Growing Strong, kidsgrow
, makes it fun to learn about gardening, nutrition and staying healthy. If you like art, learn wise use of our natural resources in Create It. See how students conserve Earth’s water supply in Rain Barrel Art. Farmers and gardeners appreciate helpful insects – find out how Ladybugs got their name in Discover It. Have you ever heard of a Pizza Garden? If your school does not already have a garden, you might suggest one to your teacher. Find inspiration in Successful School Gardens.

Play Toad Hop
Toad Hop

Math Facts

TeacherEven though summer is around the corner, if you spend some time reviewing math, you’ll have a head start on the next school year. Math Magician Games, resources.oswego.org/games
, are a great way to practice addition, subtrac-
tion, multiplication and division in a game environment. Choose from the timed quizzes and try to get 100 percent. Are up for a challenge? Play Math Magic, where all types of math questions are fair game, and you have 2½ minutes to answer 50 questions.

Find the Word

Purple GuyEvery grade in school includes creative writing assignments. Book reports, research papers and poetry are just a few examples. Word Central, wordcentral.com/home.
, is a fun place to build your vocabulary. There’s a handy Search feature; for instance, if you are writing a poem and you need a word that rhymes with “flower,” you can use the Rhyming search. New words are being invented all the time. In Build Your Own Dictionary, you can share new words you have discovered. Learn a new word every day in Daily Buzzword, then feed the BIGbot with the correct word in Games.

Speak Out

What water activities do you enjoy in the summer? Why?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: A friend invited me to join his family on a boat ride. I have never been on a boat, and I’m a little nervous about how safe it is. Can you help? — Jamie T., Port Townsend, Washington

Dear Jamie: Boating is a fun summer activity, but remember a few rules. Safety is the most important one. Never go out on a boat alone, and always have an adult onboard. Even if your friend has been boating with his parents many times, an experienced adult must be with you.

Next, wear a life jacket. Even if you are a good swimmer, currents in a lake can be strong, and the water is much deeper than a swimming pool, so a life jacket is mandatory.

When you’re out in the sun, wear sunscreen and bring extra along to reapply as needed.

Weather can be tricky on the water, because even if a day starts out sunny, a storm can blow up suddenly. Check the weather report before you go, and be aware of the wind and clouds while you’re on the water. If you see a storm coming, head to shore. For other tips, check out Boating Safety Sidekicks, boatingsidekicks.com/besafe.htm.


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