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What makes the Super Sparker spark?

What was unique about Leonardo da Vinciís writing?
He wrote left-handed.
He used invisible ink.
He used mirror writing.

What is the house surrounded by?
All of the above.

Science Fun

BoyYou can be a Science Explorer at home with activities from Explor
atorium, exploratorium.edu/
. How does a balloon cause a soda can to race across the floor? Find out when you try Remote Control Roller. Are you too short to peek over the fence? Up Periscope! uses mirrors and a few household items to allow you to see around corners or hard-to-reach places. Amaze your friends when you make pictures move, using your Flipsticks cartoon kit. You’ve played with paper airplanes, but there is something else that flies that you can make out of paper: Build a Hoopster.

Play Word Invasion
Word Invasion

Meet the Inventor

GearsThe Museum of Science invites you to join Leonardo da Vinci in the Inventor’s Workshop, legacy.mos.org/
. Throughout his life, Leonardo kept journals with sketches of his ideas. He was more than a brilliant artist; he was also an inventor who understood machines and imagined new ways to build and use them. In Visions of the Future, click on modern inventions like the helicopter and army tank to see his sketches of them. Visit Florence, Italy, in What, Where, When? to learn about his early life.

Create an Island

LegoDo you enjoy playing with LEGOs? Take a trip to Creator Islands, lego.com/en-us/creator/
, where you have a mission to complete. Build and explore an island for LEGO Minifigures to live on. The main island is your first goal, but as you complete each model, you will earn bricks that will lead to other fun projects. You can begin with a house or a car. The models become more challenging as you progress through the game. You’ll find more opportunities to build as you walk around your island. Visit the Gallery to see what others have created – you might be inspired to build something new.

Speak Out

Does your family have any traditions for observing Memorial Day?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? — Gwen T., Auburn, Alabama

Dear Gwen: While Memorial Day is often celebrated with barbecues and outdoor family gatherings in the U.S., it actually marks a day of remembrance of the men and women who have died serving this country. The tradition began after the Civil War. More than 600,000 men died during the four years (1861-1865) of this war, more than in World War I and World War II combined.

The holiday was originally called Decoration Day, and people visited local cemeteries to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers with flowers or flags every year. Memorial Day became a federal holiday in 1971, and is observed each year on the last Monday in May. You can learn more about its history at usmemorialday.org.

Once you learn more about the history of the holiday, you may want to help create your own family traditions. Many families commemorate this day by visiting a war memorial, writing a letter to a soldier or visiting a veterans hospital. Read about these and other ideas at Memorial Day Traditions and Activities, pbs.org/national-memorial-day-concert/memorial-day/traditions-activities.


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