Week of May 17, 2015
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What does McGruff say we all need to do if we want to stop bullying?
Stick Together
Ignore it
Walk away

What did you find out at Free Vacations?
When something is advertised as free, there is always a catch.
They are actually an arcade.
They are giving out free vacations.

With what words do most stories begin?
Once upon a time ...
I was walking one day ...
A long time ago ...

Stop, Talk and Walk

DogsMcGruff the Crime Dog, mcgruff.org, takes a bite out of crime. He is also an expert on bullying. He believes that if you want your community to be a safe place, you have to step up and help stop bullying. Even if you’re scared, you can always do something. First, you should tell a grown-up whom you trust and who can help you think of ideas to deal with the bullying. Watch Samantha’s Choice in Videos to find out what McGruff suggests when she is being bullied at ballet class. You’ll find more tips about what to say in Advice.

Play Dolphin Dash
Dolphin Dash

Smart Consumers

TeensThe Federal Trade Commission wants you to learn to be a smart consumer at You Are Here, tinyurl.com/npagsyf. In the virtual mall, you’ll learn how advertising is targeted to consumers. Visit Market Match Wireless at the West Terrace to find out why cellphone models are marketed to particular customers. Does shopping make you hungry? At the Food Court, learn why consumers win when businesses compete. See which of the three pizza places has the best pizza for the price. Are you ready to play games? Walk over to the Security Plaza and check out the Arcade.

Write a Story

LeopardThe Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh challenges you to use your creative writing skills in My StoryMaker, carnegielibrary.org/kids/story
. Choose a main character to get started, then select a goal for him, her – or it! Goals include a variety of adventures, such as Make Friends, Rescue, Travel or Defeat. Next, add Settings, Scenery Objects, Items and additional Characters. Type the story at the bottom, and go to the next page when you’re ready. Once your story is complete, you have the option to print, share, download or view it. You can even animate your characters.

Speak Out

How do you plan to keep in touch with friends this summer?

Speak Out Here!

Stay in Touch

As the school year wraps up, you may be wondering how to stay in contact with your friends over the summer. One thing to be sure you do before school is out is exchange phone numbers. Then, ask your parents if you can host a movie night or have friends over for swimming, bowling or another activity early in the summer, to start staying in touch outside of school.
Summer can be a great time to get to know someone you haven’t spent much time with during the school year. Getting acquainted with someone new might also be a good time to try a new activity. Here are a a couple of sites with ideas for things to do that will help you stay in touch with friends and have fun over the summer.

School Friendships: Stay Connected Over Summer Break

101 Fun Things to Do in the Summer


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