Week of May 10, 2015
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In Bus Driverís Math, what are you calculating?
Number of Passengers
Number of Stops
Correct Fares

What is the largest and most important building in the Acropolis?
The Propylaea
The Temple of Athena Nike
The Parthenon

What is another name for the laughing dove?
Turtle Dove
Giggling Dove
Chirping Dove

Math Games

PacManIf you have trouble with certain concepts when doing math homework, check out Sheppard Software’s online math games, sheppard
. Fractions can be tricky, but more than 20 games will help you learn quickly. Measurement is important in math, as you’ll see when you use games to calculate length, volume, weight and more. Play perimeter, area and volume games in Geometry. Learning about Rounding and Estimating is a blast with Math Man, a game modeled after the popular vintage Pac-Man arcade game.

Play Kangaroo Hop
Kangaroo Hop

Beautiful Architecture

RuinsFamous Historic Buildings, famous-historic-build
, is a wonderful collection of photographs, videos and historical information about architectural sites from around the world. Travel to Europe, where a visit to the Tower of London will reveal its history as a castle, palace, prison and museum. Watch the video and take a look inside. Then visit one of the largest archaeological sites of the Maya civilization, which can be found in the jungles of Guatemala. The ruins of Tikal date back to 800 B.C., but were not discovered until the 1840s.

Animals of Africa

LeopardExperience the animals in Africa at Mpala Live!, mpalalive.org. Live Cam takes you right to the African Safari Cam, where on any given day you might see hippos cooling off at the watering hole or elephants taking a stroll. You may also spot a giraffe having an afternoon snack. The Field Guide is a resource for facts about various animals’ behavior, diet, population, social structure and habitat. This site could be a great resource for a research project. Stories From the Bush is a library of videos compiled by experts who study the animals living at the Mpala Research Centre in Kenya.

Speak Out

Are you going to camp this summer?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: School is over in a couple of weeks, and my parents said I could choose a day camp to go to this summer. My friends are going to a soccer camp, but I don’t really enjoy soccer. How should I choose? — Terry M., St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Terry: It’s OK to choose a different day camp from your friends. It could be a good opportunity to make new friends. Before you decide, make a list of activities you enjoy or want to learn more about. For instance, if you enjoy art, find a day camp that provides instruction in drawing, painting, sculpture or even theater art, where you might be involved in building backdrops and props. If you like sports other than soccer, you can choose basketball, baseball, golf or tennis to learn more about or improve your skills.

Many day camps provide a variety of weekly activities, rather than focusing on just one. For instance, you could go swimming, horseback riding and biking, visit a museum and go to the park all in one week. These types of camps are fun as well. To consider all the options, check out Pick the Right Day Camp for Your Kid: care.com/a/pick-the-right-day-camp-for-your-kid-1103251307.


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