Week of May 3, 2015
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What is the national dance of Poland?

How long does carbon dioxide stay in the atmosphere?
100-200 years
25-50 years
75-100 years

What does Amber want everyone to know?
“Cooking is cool.”
“Recipes are cool.”
“Being healthy is cool!”

Let’s Dance!

MapFred and Ginger invite you to visit the Dance Kids Club, www.dance-kids.org, a place for kids who love to dance. Step inside to explore. If you like reading, don’t miss the adventures of Nina in Dance Stories. You’ll find the clues you need to become a Dance Detective in these stories. Do kids dance the same in every country? Select the Dancing Globe to travel to Poland, Austria, Sweden and Greece, and find out more about dance in different cultures. Check out Games to solve puzzles, navigate a Crazy Maze and put the picture together in the Mystery Game.

Play Elephant Feed
Elephant Feed

Changes in Climate

FrogEcoKids presents Climate Change, ecokids.ca/pub/
, a collection of activities to help you learn about factors that affect climate. Help the Rain-or-Shine Detective Agency solve the Case of the Warming Planet. Climate Change Puzzlers will make your brain work overtime! In Planet Protectors, select the CO2 fighters that help reduce carbon dioxide that warms the Earth. Test your knowledge in Climate Change Quizzes, and learn about extreme weather that caused the coldest recorded temperature.

Cook Healthy

FondueMeet Amber, a 12-year-old chef who specializes in cooking healthy meals and snacks. Cook With Amber, cookwithamber.com, is full of delicious recipes to make at home with easy-to-follow videos. Dark Chocolate Coconut Fondue, made with coconut milk instead of cream, is a dessert that you and your friends will love. Using just a few simple ingredients, Perfectly Roasted Whole Chicken With Root Vegetables will be a hit with your family. Are you hungry after school? Try a No-Guilt Chocolate-Banana Peanut-Butter Milkshake for a yummy treat. Lime Chicken Tacos in School Lunch Ideas will be a welcome change.

Speak Out

Do you plan to participate in Cinco de Mayo observances?

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Cinco de Mayo

In the United States, Cinco de Mayo, May 5, is a day to celebrate Mexican culture. The holiday typically features festivals, parades, delicious food and mariachi music. Have you ever wondered how it all began? On May 5, 1862, the Battle of Puebla marked a huge and unexpected victory for the Mexican people against a much larger French army. That battle is still remembered as a tremendous victory because a small army succeeded against all odds.

You may be surprised to hear that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated mainly in Puebla, but not widely throughout Mexico. The celebration has become bigger in the U.S., where cities with large Latino populations host festivities that draw thousands of people.

Many Americans mistakenly believe that the holiday is a celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day. However, that day actually occurred years earlier, on September 16, 1810, and is still celebrated in Mexico. To learn more about Cinco de Mayo, visit parents.com/fun/parties/special-occasions/fun-facts-about-cinco-de-mayo/.


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