Week of April 19, 2015
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Who is the author of the Crafty Chloe book series?
Judy Blume
Heather Ross
Kelly DiPucchio

How much does Jane need to save to
purchase the bike and helmet?

Which desert is featured in Building Background?
Sonoran Desert
Saguaro Desert
Mojave Desert

Meet Crafty Chloe

childDo you enjoy arts and crafts? The Crafty Chloe Make-Stuff Blog, crafty
, is a collection of creative projects inspired by the main character in the Crafty Chloe books. Learn how to use items you have at home to make awesome crafts. Pom Pom Chicks are adorable and fun to make. Watch a video that uses a bulky yarn to make a fluffy pom pom in minutes. Chloe uses a “bachelor sock” to create a teddy bear. Become your own night light when you make Chloe’s Glow-in-the-Dark-Star Pajamas with a sponge, special ink and blow dryer.

Play Ratio Stadium
Ratio Stadium

Visit the Bank

ATMDo you keep your allowance or birthday money in a piggy bank? The Banking Kids Page, bankingkids.com/index_m.html, teaches you how to deposit your money into an actual bank. At the Elementary level you will learn how to make a Savings Deposit and plan a Budget. Learn how Jane, who is 8 years old, plans to save for a bike and helmet. Next, move on to Teens, where you’ll learn how to write a check, use a check register, check your account balance, and deposit and withdraw money from an ATM machine.

Practice Makes Perfect

HouseHarcourt Trophies, harcourtschool.
, is a collection of games to help you improve language arts skills. Writing, grammar, editing and reading comprehension are required in nearly every school subject. In Writing Detective, you can decide whether a passage is well-written by answering questions about a paragraph. Build a clubhouse in the Grammar Practice Park by choosing correct pronouns for each sentence. When you write an essay or report, punctuation counts. In Proofreading Makes Perfect, you’ll correct spelling, punctuation and usage mistakes.

Speak Out

Do you already have assignments for final projects?

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Final Projects

The end of the school year is a few weeks away, and final projects, book reports and essays have been assigned. This year I have an animal science project, a mystery book report and a history essay to do. With the help of a few sites I have bookmarked along the way, I plan to finish the year strongly.

San Diego Zoo Kids
A searchable database of animal facts.

Finding a book to read is easy, with hundreds of book reviews written by kids.

Digital History
American History facts.

TIME for Kids Homework Helper
Writing Tips, dictionary, thesaurus, Grammar Wizard and Flash-Card Maker


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