Week of April 12, 2015
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What does a nasalnaut do?
Eliminate smell-related dangers
Explore NASA
Create Spaceships

What river does George Washington’s home overlook?
The Mississippi River
The Washington River
The Potomac River

What kind of pet does Ms. Trombone have?
An iCat

Awesome Jobs

HurricaneAre you fascinated by science, technology or math? Kids Ahead, kidsahead.com, shows careers you may be interested in. If you like Video Games, meet software engineer Danelle Cline at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. She goes out to sea and designs software to help scientists understand the ocean. Are you interested in Extreme Weather, such as hurricanes and tornadoes? Learn to Build an Earthquake-Proof Structure. Then read about Tim Orr, a volcanologist whose job takes him by helicopter over volcanoes to collect lava samples.

Play Coconut Vowels
Coconut Vowels

Mount Vernon

Mount VernonTake a virtual tour of George Washington’s Mount Vernon, mountvernon.org/site/
. Watch Welcome to the Virtual Tour and note the features that Washing
ton added to the exterior to demonstrate his position in society. Can you guess which room was considered the most elaborate one in the house? Watch the video of the cupola to find out its practical purpose. Among his other interests, Washington was an avid gardener. Explore the Outbuildings, Gardens & Landscapes, Distillery & Gristmill and Library to find out more about his everyday life.

Find Ms. Trombone

Ms TromboneThe field trip is cancelled, and Ms. Trombone is missing! Visit the Adventures of Josie True, josietrue.com/play/play.htm, to join the search. From the beginning, head to the most logical place, her house, for clues. You’ll have to answer a math question to enter. Perhaps her invention room will provide an important hint. Pay close attention to details such as a restaurant menu. Your search will take you to the streets of Chicago and Paris, where Ms. Trombone’s pet has a database with information about people, places, things and concepts. Drag Josie around each town and explore.

Speak Out

Do you have any ideas to share about giving speeches?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I have to deliver a speech in front of my class, and I am very nervous. Do you have any tips that might help me prepare? — James H., Montgomery, Alabama

Dear James: I understand; speaking in public sometimes makes me nervous, too. The first rule of successful presenting is: Practice makes perfect. The better you know your material, the more at ease you will be.

Practice in front of family and friends, and ask for honest feedback. You can also practice in front of a mirror, which will help you learn the material and let you see how you look to your audience. Remember, everyone gets nervous, but if you take a deep breath and are prepared, you’ll be fine.

Other tips include using a prop such as a poster board or PowerPoint presentation to help you forget that everyone is looking at you. Next, remember that your speech will be more interesting to your audience if your voice is expressive and not monotonous. This is easier if you choose a topic you are interested in. Another idea is to practice your speech using a funny accent. This will help you not take yourself so seriously. Find these and other tips at Public Speaking for Kids, neok12.com/Public-Speaking.htm.


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