Week of April 5, 2015
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What was the nickname of the museum?
The Nationís Treasures
The Nationís Exhibit
The Nationís Attic

What is a geyser on the ocean floor called?
Hydrolic vent
Hydrothermal vent
Volcanic vent

What does
Ankylosaurus like to eat?
Ginko fruit

Making a Modern Museum

AirplaneThe National Museum of
American History opened in 1964 as the Museum of History and Technology,
with roots going back to
1881. Making a Modern
Museum, tinyurl.com/
, shares its evolution from displaying objects featured in the 1876 United States Centennial Exhibition to emphasizing the role of history and technology. Watch the Exhibition Video to hear from key players in the museum’s history, then Explore the Exhibition and see how exhibits such as the Gowns of the First Ladies have changed since the 1920s.

Play Spelling Bees
Spelling Bees

Geysers on the Seafloor

Sea FloorThe University of Delaware presents Extreme 2008:
A Deep-Sea Adventure, www.expeditions.udel.
. Students and scientists travel deep into the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes to study the water, chemicals and sea life existing near vents in the Earth’s crust. In Seafloor Geology, see how these environments form. Divers use Hi-Tech Tools such as the Alvin, a submersible critical to their research. Of the many strange creatures living in the dark depths of the ocean, learn which vent creature has no mouth, eyes or stomach.

Dino Books

DinoJoin Tom and Jamie as they travel back in time to enter Dinosaur Cove, goldridge08.com/1games/
, a series of books featuring the prehistoric creatures. Find out about each character in Fact Files, then learn something new in Dino Facts. Can you believe we still don’t know what color dinosaurs were? You can design and print your own door hanger or print a coloring page in Fun Stuff. Grab a hammer and play the Fossil Hunting Game, where you can earn more points for finding the rarest specimens. Explore the Map of Dino World to see where the characters have their adventures.

Speak Out

How does your family celebrate Easter?

Speak Out Here!

Easter Traditions

There are many traditions associated with Easter, a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Along with the religious observance, American children decorate Easter eggs and anticipate the delivery of baskets of treats from the Easter Bunny. Parades, family gatherings and Easter egg hunts are often part of the day.

Many countries have their own traditions. A popular destination for Easter in Italy is Vatican City in Rome. Observances begin on Palm Sunday, with the Pope holding mass in Saint Peter’s Square. During the week processions are held, some including medieval costumes, music and fireworks. The day after Easter is also a holiday, la Pasquetta, celebrated with concerts, dances and food. To learn more about Easter in Italy, visit goitaly.about.com/od/

In Spain, decorated floats representing Easter stories or historical figures are carried through the streets. Visit whyeaster.com/cultures/spain.shtml to learn more.


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