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What is the Italian translation for “the girl”?
La donna
La mela
La ragazza

Who has appeared most often on the cover of Time magazine?
Richard Nixon
George Washington
Ronald Reagan

What item is used to demonstrate Probability as a Fraction?
A deck of cards
A stack of blocks
A number line

Ciao, mi chiamo Duo!

Learn ItalianDuoLingo, duolingo.com/
, offers free online language courses that will give you the practice you need to excel in foreign language class. Choose from 15 different languages, including Spanish, French, German and Italian. You’ll begin by learning basic words. Photographs make it simple to choose the words to answer the questions. When you select a correct answer, the word is spoken for you so you learn its pronunciation. If you already know some words, you don’t have to begin with the basics – take the placement test to find out where you should begin.

Play Word Frog
Word Frog

Who’s on the Cover?

EinsteinCover Art: The Time Collection at the National Portrait Gallery, npg.si.edu/time, displays portraits that have appeared on the cover of Time magazine. Learn what made big news 50 years ago in Technology and Invention. The 1982 Man of the Year issue also chose a Machine of the Year. Can you guess what it was? Listen to the beautiful music of violin prodigy and conductor Yehudi Menuhin. Read about physicist Albert Einstein and hear one of his lectures. Who was named Man of the Half-Century? Find out why he earned that honor.

Homework Help

Girl With GuitarDo you ever have trouble understanding a math or science assignment? Meet Sam, Zoe, RJ and Mia, the Crew at StudyJams, study
, an awesome place to go for homework help. Concepts such as the Water Cycle come to life with animated videos that make it easier to understand what you are learning. Some topics are easier to remember if you sing them. For instance, you can learn about Photosynthesis as you sing along to a karaoke video. Then Test Yourself to make sure you learned the important facts. How do you apply Double Digit Division to basketball? Check out Math, where concepts are demonstrated step-by-step.

Speak Out

Do you speak a second language? When did you learn it?

Speak Out Here!

Learn a New Language

Many students begin learning a foreign language as early as preschool. You might wonder why acquiring a second language can be beneficial. One advantage would be if your family traveled to a different country, it would be helpful to be able to ask questions, get directions or read menus. In high school and college you will have opportunities to study abroad, and being fluent in the language will make your stay much more productive and meaningful.

You might also be interested to know that many employers in the 21st century need bilingual employees. Publishers, banks, insurance companies, airlines and government agencies are all institutions that serve international clients. Health care professionals serve everyone, and knowing a second language is helpful in communicating with patients who do not speak English. Another example is working as a translator. This is important for books, legal documents, websites, correspondence, subtitles for films and more. Read Careers Using Foreign Languages, omniglot.com/language/
, to find out more.


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