Week of February 22, 2015
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What is the first key?

What is permafrost?
Ground that remains frozen for 2 or more years
The top layer of ice in the ocean
The top of a glacier

Who is the author of “P.J. Funnybunny Camps Out”?
PJ Sadler
Marilyn Sadler
Roger Bollen

Online Math Adventure

rubyIn the Quest for the Golden Calculator, goldencalculator.
com/game. html
, you have a chance to become an apprentice of the Nettermint Studio and learn to make
magical things. To be accepted, you must complete challenges solving math problems, unscrambling letters and deciphering clues. Meet interesting characters throughout the adventure, and use what you learn to find the key to the next part of the journey. You’ll encounter Auric, a messenger eagle, and try to solve the combination of a wooden box containing something with great magical power. What will it be?

Play Verb Viper
Verb Viper

Explore Cities

ArcticWeExplore, we-explore.com, is an adventure learn-
ing environment where teams explore the world. View Expeditions to see any of 274 already completed adventures. Fittest City Exploration looks at why Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been named the fittest American city. While its weather isn’t warm year-round, exercise is encouraged, as evidenced by the city’s focus on parks and recreational facilities. North of Sixty shows how climate changes affect communities in the Arctic. Watch videos of students living in areas where everyday lives are greatly impacted.

Book Club

kids readingKids from all over the country have joined the Spaghetti Book Club, spaghettibookclub.org, writing and illustrating reviews of their favorite books. Visit Titles and select the ones you are interested in. This is a terrific way to find the next book you want to check out from the library. You might look for “20,000 Baseball Cards Under the Sea” or “The Adventures of Archie Featherspoon.” Authors is an alphabetical list allowing you to quickly track down Judy Blume, who wrote “Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great,” or Gertrude Chandler Warner, author of the beloved Boxcar Children series. Could this inspire you to start a book club at your own school?

Speak Out

What have you done to try to reduce
litter where you live?

Speak Out Here!

Facts About Litter

Have you ever found a candy wrapper or soda can on the ground when you are out for a walk? Keeping your community clean and healthy is not just one person’s job. When people throw trash on the ground rather than disposing of it properly in a trash can or recycling bin, they are littering.

While some say that throwing a banana peel or apple core out the window is OK because the birds will get it, think about the fact that bacteria and rodents will also be attracted to it, which is unhealthy.

Besides being unsightly, trash can be very harmful to wildlife. A bird might mistake a piece of plastic or an aluminum tab from a can for food. These items will not decompose and will not leave room in a bird’s stomach for real food, which can cause the bird to die.

Did you know that plastic-coated paper such as a candy wrapper takes five years to decompose? We all have to work together to keep our communities healthy and clean. To find out how long litter lasts, check out Litter Facts, crittertales.org/SHOULD%20YOU%20LITTER.pdf.


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