Week of February 15, 2015
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What kind of force causes things to slow down or stop?

Who are Ellen’s favorite authors?
Eric Carle and Judy Blume
Beverly Cleary and Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Margaret Wise Brown and Louisa May Alcott

What was Dwight D. Eisenhower’s campaign slogan?
I like Dwight
I like Ike
Vote for Ike

Discover Our World

Fast CarKids Discover Spotlights, kidsdiscover.com/spotlight, gives you an in-depth look at science, space, nature, history and culture. The Kepler spacecraft was designed to look for habitable planets outside our solar system. Physicists study Force and Motion to determine the forces that increase or decrease movement in everything from magnets to soccer. Engines make it possible to do everything from flying a plane across the ocean to mowing the lawn. Did you know that the world’s fastest commercial car can go 267 mph? Find out which car it is, and its shocking price tag.

Play Ratio Blaster
Ratio Blaster

Puppy Place

Puppy PlaceIf you love dogs and you love to read, you will enjoy the books of Ellen Miles, ellenmiles.net/books.html, author of the famous Puppy Place series. Learn more about her in About. Did you know that she has also created a series called Kitty Corner for cat lovers? Watch a Video about Princess, the most spoiled puppy ever. She travels in a pet carrier in the shape of a palace! Play Name That Breed in Games and see if you can guess each puppy’s breed from its description. Next, meet Zipper, the author’s own dog, who was bred for sled racing and skijoring.

About U.S. Presidents

President EisenhowerAs we celebrate The Presidents, whitehouse.gov/
, this week, take a moment to learn more about these American leaders and their families. Begin with a presidential slideshow and read the biographies under their images. Although you learn about presidents in history class, there are facts about their lives that may not appear in your textbooks. For instance, which president was in office for only one month? Which president served two non-consecutive terms? Learn more about presidential family life in the links to the biographies of their spouses.

Speak Out

What books have you enjoyed writing about?

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Help With Book Reports

In many language arts classes, book reports are assigned almost monthly. I like to find books that are both interesting and fun to read for these projects. Here are a few resources I rely on if I’m trying to find a book for my next report, whether it is fiction, nonfiction, historical or science-based:


Popular Elementary School Books

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