Week of February 1, 2015
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In Architecture, who painted Two Watermills and an Open Sluice?
Jacob Van Ruisdael
Wilhelm Schubert
Jean-Baptiste Raguenet

What Alaskan bird builds a nest up to 8 feet wide, weighing up to a ton?
Golden Eagle
Bald Eagle
Sandhill Crane

Which poet is featured in The Roots of Cool list?
Frederick Douglass
Bessie Smith
Walt Whitman

Examine the Details

PaintingWhen you look at a work of art, do you see patterns, colors or objects? Play Detail Detective at the Getty Museum, getty.edu/
. Pick a subject, examine photographs or paintings, and determine which details come from the masterpiece or historical object. Choose from Creatures, Swanky Surfaces, Body Parts and Architecture. In Swanky Surfaces, match details to photos of museum objects — they look different outside of the object. Think fast: You have 40 seconds for each game. Click on the green book to Learn About the Art.

Play Spider Match
Spider Match

Animals of Alaska

Sea TurtleAlaska’s Animals, adfg.
, are amazing creatures able to survive the state’s harsh winters. Find Species Information, then click on Animals to learn how Mountain Goats’ specialized hooves allow them to jump and climb the steep, rough terrain. This helps keep them safe from predators. Beluga Whales use a snorkeling technique to breathe. They can make more sounds than any other marine animal. Find out more in Life History. Did you know that sea turtles become herbivores as adults?

Define Cool

Jean DidionHave you ever wondered what it means to say someone is “cool”? American Cool, npg.si.edu/exhibit/Cool, looks at the qualities that different generations have admired through news and media. Examine photographs of people who may look familiar from history books, magazines or movies. You’ll find a range of personalities in The Birth of Cool, including actors, musicians and singers. Did they have anything in common? Meet Joan Didion in Cool and the Counterculture. Her writing captured American life from the 1960s. Read about these people and make your own list of people whose qualities you admire.

Speak Out

Have you ever had writer’s block? What did you do?

Speak Out Here!


If you go to school, you will be given writing assignments; that’s a fact. Most classes involve writing so you can share your point of view or what you’ve learned about a topic. Depending on the class, you may be assigned essays, book reports, research papers or biographies.

Sometimes I experience writer’s block when I am trying to think of a topic for a paper or just get started writing. It helps to use brainstorming techniques to get ideas flowing when this happens.

Freewriting involves setting a time limit, such as 10 minutes, and writing or typing whatever comes to mind. The thought behind it is to free yourself from being focused on the details of the assignment. When time is up, keep the topic in mind as you read what you wrote, and typically you’ll find an idea that will help you get started.

Check out Brainstorming from The Writing Center, writingcenter.unc.
, to find details about this and other ideas to help with writing assignments.


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