Week of January 11, 2015
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To which fruits or vegetables is a rockmelon related?
Honeydews and Watermelons
Cucumbers & Squash
All of the above

The Ituri Forest is two-thirds the size of which U.S. state?

What is the English word for “arriba”?

Healthy Snacks

BananaGet to know your produce at Fresh for Kids, freshforkids.com.au. In Fruit & Veg, pick your favorite fruit to learn the facts straight from the apple, banana or kiwi, for example. Did you know that bananas come in red and green, and provide natural fruit sugars for a fast energy boost? A cucumber is botanically classed as a fruit and is 96 percent water. Head to Kids Corner for the Fresh for Kids World Challenge and race in countries around the world, where correct answers move you to the next race.

Play Ratio Martian
Ratio Martian

Know the Trail

Friends and JeepChicago’s Brookfield Zoo presents In Search of the Ways of Knowing Trail, czs.org/WOK/index_f4.html, where you can learn a secret from an old letter. First, meet friends at an airstrip who will help you on the five-day journey to Epulu in Africa. Explore the Forest Factbook to learn about the language, wildlife and people you will encounter. Face challenges in the Ituri Forest: What would you do if an elephant was nearby? Geoff, the ranger’s son, has an idea. Can you find the most simple and important secret of all?

Spanish Fun

AlligatorThe Translator Alligator, funbrain.com/lang, will be checking to see if you have been paying attention in Spanish class. Pick a skill level and category to get started. You can choose from topics such as Basic Words, Words From School, Around the House Words and Food Words. Each level is a little more challenging. You will begin with multiple choice and spelling, then advance to translating from Spanish to English. Learning a new language takes practice, but it is a worthwhile skill. Learn new words to teach your friends. With a little work you’ll be mastering those Spanish exams.

Speak Out

What is your favorite vegetable? Why?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I am doing an animal notebook project in science and would like to make it into a website. How would I do this? — Harold J., Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Harold: I like to use a site called Weebly, weebly.com, to create websites for my school projects. Remember to ask a parent to supervise as you create a new account. Then, you simply log in to get started.

To create a website, you can choose from hundreds of colorful themes. The theme is the style and color palette for your site. For example, for your animal website you might choose a theme with outdoor pictures. You can build each page by adding titles, text, images, media and more. Just be sure to add captions to each image to properly cite where you found them.

To add pages to your site, select the Pages tab and organize pages in the order that works best for your project. There are several styles to choose from. For more ideas about how to organize your site, access the Site Planner by selecting the question mark at the top of the page. Good luck!


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