Week of January 4, 2015
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What causes a tsunami?
Volcanic explosion
Underwater earthquake
All of the above

What is another name for the Hero in a story?

Who is Crypto Catís best friend?
Decipher Dog
Rosetta Stone
T. Top

Explore the World

ScubaClever Crazes for Kids, tinyurl.com/lrk3zzf, is a virtual school where you get to explore new worlds as you learn. Choose a grade level and a world, and get started. In You and Your Money, you’ll find that running a lemonade stand is not as simple as you might have thought. Factors such as weather, the lemon crop and costs will affect your profit. Next, grab your scuba gear and head to the ocean to explore its natural wonders, then see how you do in the Biodiversity Match-Up. Tia leads you on a study of Our Home Planet. Explore the Facts and master the Learning Game.

Play Dolphin Feed
Dolphin Feed

Examine a Fairy Tale

CinderellaSee how well you know the Elements of the Story
of Cinderella at learner.org/
. Watch a short animation, then examine it more closely. Once the Setting is established, you can study Characters. Can you identify the qualities that make a hero or villain unique? Next, move on to Sequence and recreate the plot by putting scenes in the correct order. Exposition can give you a character’s background in relation to the story. Identifying the elements of a story is important in understanding an author’s point of view.

Crack the Code

CryptocatAn important function of the National Security Agency is to protect America’s government communica
tions. CryptoKids, nsa.gov/
, are the future codemakers and codebreakers of the NSA. Keeping information safe is what they specialize in. Meet the Gang to see how each character got interested in cryptography. Have you ever heard of Morse code? Check out Operation Dit Dah to learn the sound for each letter, then try to read it. Make Your Own Secret Codes in no time, once you understand a bit about codes and ciphers. See if you are qualified to work as a security officer when you play Battle of the Badges.

Speak Out

Have you found helpful websites for school projects?

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Semester Projects

Second semester is usually when homework gets a little harder, with science projects, research papers and book reports your teacher may assign. I like to keep a few websites bookmarked to help me get started on these assignments. If you are doing research, sites that cover many different topics, such as the Smithsonian, si.edu, or Library of Congress, loc.gov, are helpful. For math help I typically go to Khan Academy, khanacademy.org.

Science projects are often assigned in the spring. I found some neat ideas at Science Buddies, sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_ideas.
. If you are looking for a book for your next book report, you might try getting recommendations from other kids. You can find great kid reviews at DOGObooks, dogobooks.com.

Organizing your next paper is a breeze with A+ Papers, timeforkids.com/homework-helper/a-plus-papers. These are just a few of the resources you can bookmark to have on hand for that next homework assignment or project.


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