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Who designed the Capitol grounds?
George Washington
Frederick Law Olmsted
Benjamin Franklin

How was the name “Woodwind” chosen?
The string instruments used to be made of wood.
The percussion instruments used to be made of wood.
The woodwind instruments used to be made of wood.

What was the pseudonym used for the books published after Julie Campbell?
Kathryn Kenny
Nicholette Stack
Virginia McDonnell

The Virtual Capitol

CapitolThe Architect of the Capitol, capitol.gov, provides an inside look at one of America’s most important buildings. Look behind the scenes to Discover where George Washington laid the cornerstone in 1793. On a Walking Tour of the Capitol Campus, stop along the way and examine the buildings. Peek inside the Great Hall of the Thomas Jefferson Building. More than 2,600 Architect of the Capitol employees work to maintain the grounds and buildings of the nation’s Capitol each day. Explore the timeline in Learn to find out when the Capitol Christmas Tree was planted.

Play Puppy Pull
Puppy Pull

Meet the Orchestra

OrchestraDid you know that more than half the instruments in an orchestra are strings? Visit the Orchestra Fact Files, bbc.co.uk/northern
, where you’ll walk right onto a concert hall stage and learn about the instruments as you listen to them. For instance, did you know that louder instruments are placed in the back of the orchestra? The conductor uses a baton to keep time and make sure the musicians play when they should. The violin can be played either with a bow or by plucking its strings, a technique called “pizzicato.”

Kid Detectives

Trixie BeldenDo you enjoy solving mysteries? Trixie Belden, trixie-belden.com/index.html, and her friends are always finding adventures. Meet the Characters, starting with the Bob-Whites, where you’ll learn all about Trixie’s family and friends. Trixie and her best friend Honey plan to start a detective agency when they graduate from college. Check out the Series in Books to read summaries of all the novels. The original author, Julie Campbell, wrote the first six books. The rest of the series was written by a team of Authors. Design your own book covers with yourself as the author, using the Trix-e-tron in Interactive. Explore the town using the the Sleepyside Map.

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Dear Amy: The NFL football season is underway, and I would like to learn more about the game. Do you have any suggestions about a good source for information? — Jake T., Harrisonburg, Virginia

Dear Jake: Understanding the rules of professional football is a great way to increase your enjoyment of the sport, whether you’re watching on television or at a stadium. It can be confusing if you don’t understand some of the basic terms, such as “first down,” “interception” and “fumble.” A first down is achieved when the offense moves the ball 10 or more yards. An interception occurs when the defense catches a pass that is meant for a player on the other team. A fumble is when a player drops the ball.

Fortunately, the NFL provides a Beginners Guide to Football, nfl.com/
, that will help you learn the basic rules quickly. Soon you’ll know the difference between a wide receiver and a linebacker. Each player has a specific job to do to help the team succeed. You will also learn the four ways to earn points in football. Once you’ve learned the basic rules, enjoy watching a game with your family.


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