Week of September 21, 2014
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Why is your age different on other planets?
Gravity is different on other planets
Planets travel around the sun at different speeds
Time travel is possible on other planets

What kind of socks helped Tim feel grounded when he worked at Disney?

What items should you wear when you ride a bike?
A helmet
Reflective lights
All of the above

NASA Kids Club

NASAJoin the NASA Kids’ Club, tinyurl.com/lzd29xb, at their clubhouse and discover all kinds of awesome facts about space as you explore! Did you know that your age and weight would be different on different planets? Check Astro-Matic to see how much they would vary. In Let’s Fly Away, take a closer look at some of the amazing aircraft designed by NASA. The X-43A hypersonic experimental vehicle travels at five times the speed of sound! In Why Do We Explore?, find out why NASA continues to travel to new places to discover more about outer space.

Play Alien Addition
Alien Addition

Tim Burton

ScissorhandsA video interview About Tim Burton, moma.org/interactives/
, reveals how his early career as an illustrator influenced his work in film. His unique style has made his work easily recognizable. The Exhibition describes sources of his inspiration, such as newspaper comics, greeting cards, toys and cartoons. Go Behind the Scenes with famous creations such as the Topiary from “Edward Scissorhands.” Scroll through Works to see posters, sketchbooks and paintings.

Mayflower Street

StreetHow Streetwise, 3m.co.uk/intl/uk/
, are you? Staying safe away from home requires you to be aware of your surroundings. Begin in the Day Time and see if you can spot the people who are demonstrating wise habits. For instance, did you know you should always use a crosswalk when you cross the street? Crossing between parked cars or away from a properly designated crosswalk can be dangerous, because cars may not see you in time to stop. See if you can spot all of the people who are making good choices on Mayflower Street during the day, then try visiting again at Night Time.

Speak Out

Where did you meet your best friend?

Speak Out Here!

Being a Good Friend

Part of what makes school fun is spending time with friends. Sometimes friendships can be tricky because every person is unique. Did you know that being a good friend takes practice? If you are shy about meeting new people, one way to overcome it is to practice greeting people in a friendly way. When you see someone, always make eye contact, smile and say “Hi.”

While not everyone at school will be a best friend, you can still be friendly to everyone there. If you see someone in the cafeteria who is alone, perhaps you could invite him or her to join you. Check out the sites below for more tips about making friends.

Making Friends

PBS Kids: It’s My Life – Friends

Being a Good Friend


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