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How can you help prevent junk email?
Do not provide email address for promotional offers
Do provide email address at contests
All of the above

What grade level are the students in the Star Wars Jedi Academy?
Middle School
Elementary School
High School

What are Ike Howard’s skills?
Drawing, painting, shooting hoops
Drawing, painting, cartooning
Drawing, painting, solving puzzles

E-Learning for Kids

KeyboardBrush up on your Computer Skills at E-Learning e-
. You probably took a computer class in your early grades. Become a master typist with Keyboarding Skills, choosing from five Modules for extra practice. Microsoft PowerPoint creates presentations that will help you ace any project. Do you use the Internet for research, to play games, chat with friends or send email? Check out Safe Internet Usage to learn how to stay safe online. Learn what to watch out for to protect yourself and your information.

Play Country Toad
Country Toad

Movie Fun

Tree HouseLooking for something to do? Scholastic presents Videos in the Stacks, scholastic.com/
. Check out Book Trailers for a new series. Try “Star Wars: Jedi Academy” or “Judy Moody: Girl Detective.” Travel to Scotland, home of J.K. Rowling, in Authors Say Hello! You’ll find hours of entertainment in Movies, TV, Music & Games. You’ve probably seen “The Hunger Games,” but have you read the trilogy? Meet the actresses who were the voices of the Chipettes. Try contests and games at Scholastic Events.


WyattPuzzlemania Kids, puzzlemania
, is an online version of the popular activity books. Follow the clues to find the wacky, weird and odd items when you play What’s Wrong? in Games. If you don’t already receive the magazine at home, you can print out samples of the first 10 Puzzle Books. Do you like funny stories? Join Wyatt the Riot & Friends to create Super Story Twisters. Drag the stickers to the empty squares to create a silly story, then listen to it. Do you have a sweet tooth? Play Picture Sudoku with Cookies and whet your appetite. Try Challenge Mode in Double Check to race against the clock.

Speak Out

Have you created your own website?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I have a school research project coming up, and I would like to create a website to go along with it. Do you have any ideas about where I can get started? — Morgan D., Montana

Dear Morgan: There are many options to choose from when you want to create your own website. Most sites require a parent or teacher’s permission to get started, so be sure to check with your mom or dad before you begin. If you are doing a project for school, many times you can display the information you gather on one page. Weebly, education.weebly.com, is one of the most popular sites used to create educational Web pages.

If you are considering building a full website that you hope to keep for an extended time, Kids Website Creator, kidswebsitecreator.com, can help you. There is a free version that is simple to use, with many options to choose from to enhance your site. Doodlekit, kids-website-builder.com, is another option to check out. First, though, you should decide what you would like your page to include. For instance, do you want to post videos, photos, music or other media? Then find the Website Creator that meets your needs.


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