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Where did Frank Lloyd Wright begin his career?
Oak Park, IL
Spring Green, Wisconsin
Scottsdale, Arizona

What can you learn about graphs in Ch. 6-7 of Connected Mathematics 3?
What numbers describe us
Using graphs to group data
All of the above

What is Irelandís most famous poetic export?
Free Verse

Frank Lloyd Wright

HouseEnter the Frank Lloyd
Wright Architect Studio
3D, architectstudio3d.org/
, and design a home. See photographs of his residential, public and church buildings in About Frank Lloyd Wright. Now that you’ve seen his work, enter the Design Studio. Start by reading a brief description of each potential client’s interests. Once you choose a client, find a location. Now the design fun begins, as you select the interior and exterior materials to use in building the floor plan you picked. Once your work is done, Tour the House.

Play Dirt Bike Proportions
Dirt Bike Proportions

Math Help

Math HelpInteract Math, interactmath.
, is like having your own math tutor. It is designed to work along with your grade level, and you Choose a Book to start. For example, if you are in Middle Grades Math: Grade 6, you can select that book and all of its topics will appear. Find the concept or chapter you need help with, such as Multiplying and Dividing Fractions. Next, choose a problem. View an Example or use the Help Me Solve This feature for extra practice. You’ll find this site is a terrific resource for learning tricky math concepts.

Write a Sonnet

PoetHave you ever been assigned the task of writing a poem for a class at school? Poetry Through the Ages, webexhibits.
, explores the various kinds of verse. Writing poems may seem challenging at first, but if you study the basic elements of the form, it will be easier to understand. A good place to start is Learn About Poetic Forms and Create Your Own Poetry. William Shakespeare made sonnets famous by including them in some of his plays, at least one of which you will probably read at some point in school. Did you know that song lyrics and advertising are modern forms of poetry?

Speak Out

Where is your favorite place to go on Labor Day weekend?

Speak Out Here!

Type Faster and Better!

Does your school year involve lots of writing assignments? I recently decided I needed to learn to type properly and more efficiently so I can get my papers done faster, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. Book reports, research papers and even online research require a lot of writing, and I want to make the most of my time. While there are many typing games available online, I know that to really increase my speed, I need to memorize the keyboard and learn exactly which finger should be on which key.

I decided to do a little investigating and found a few sites dedicated to teaching proper typing skills. The first program I found was Free Typing Tutorial, gcflearnfree.org/labs/typing. It’s a terrific program to learn correct finger placement and practice, and it does not require a login. Another good site is Typing Web, typingweb.com. While there are some ads on the site, the lessons are completely free and easy to follow. You just choose a username and password to get started. No email address is required.



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