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In Dreams of London (Part Two), which museum does Cathy visit first?
The British Museum
Sherlock Holmes Museum
Natural History Museum

What is the bar called that is used for raising or moving weights?

Which Chicago Bears player holds the team rushing record of 1,852 yards for a single season?
Erik Kramer
Walter Payton
Brandon Marshall

Kids Magazine

Natural Museum LondonCalling all Amazing Kids, mag.amazing-kids.org! Check out a magazine just for kids. In Amazing Kids! Adventures, read Suf-
fering From Withdrawal, the tale of a kid who had to give up all technology for three whole days! Find out how she and her classmates survived. In Cook Nook, uncover tasty recipes you can try at home. Discover Amazing Kids From History, like Harry Houdini. Check back often to find out about Contests and the latest kid news.

Play Hungry Puppies
Hungry Puppies

Build a Machine

TwitchJoin Twitch as he collects spare robot parts throughout the Museum of Science and Industry. It’s up to you to help him build Simple Machines, msichicago.org/
, so he can gather the items he needs. Simple machines allow you to complete a task with less force. Have you ever wondered how an elevator can lift so many people? A simple machine helps accomplish this task. Can you guess which one? In the Wheel and Axel game, Twitch has several parts to pick up. Help him select the best wheels for the job. See your results at the end.

Football History

BicycleDo you have a favorite football team? NFL History, nfl.com/history, puts all the facts you want to know about your favorite teams at your fingertips. In Team Capsules, you’ll find details such as individual records in a single season and stats from last season. Did you know that modern football developed from rugby? Find out when the first game was played. In History, choose from topics such as Chronology and Pro Football Hall of Fame to find trivia to stump your friends. Visit Inside the Numbers to see impressive statistics such as the Coldest Games, Oldest NFL Records and Greatest Comebacks.

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What is your favorite NFL team, and why?

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Dear Amy: Why do we celebrate Labor Day? — Aaron Z., Burlington, Vermont

Dear Aaron: More than 100 years ago, many workers had to spend very long hours under harsh conditions. Even small children were forced to work in unsafe environments in factories until groups began to organize and form unions.

The labor unions demanded shorter hours, fair wages and more sanitary conditions. They also sought age limits so that small children would not be forced to work in factories with heavy machinery. Labor Day celebrates the social and economic achievements of these workers.

The first Labor Day parade was held in New York City in 1882, and 12 years later Labor Day was declared a national holiday. To learn more about the history behind this holiday, check out the following sites:

Labor Day

History of Labor Day



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