Week of August 17, 2014
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What is the sun?
A big star
A big planet
A big meteor

Where does Spycat find his first clue?
They Pyramids
The Eiffel Tower
Big Ben

What are the languages in the Learning Languages Game?
French and Spanish
Swahili, and Navajo
All of the Above

Science at Home

PennyScience is not just for school; it can be fun at home, too. Enter the Science Fun Kids Zone, sciencefun.org/kidszone, for jokes, trivia and experiments you can try at home. Polishing Pennies helps you get the grunge off of those dingy pennies in your piggy bank. Did you know that you can make Home Made Play Dough with just a few simple ingredients? Recruit your mom or dad to assist with this fun task. Choose your grade and see if you can pass the quizzes in Trivia. You may be surprised to learn that snail slime is used in some cosmetics! If you have experiments or jokes to share, send them in.

Play Giraffe Dash
Sailboat Subtraction


SpycatThe British Council, britishcouncil.org/kids-stories-spycat-popup.htm, challenges you to help Spycat solve a mystery. He needs to find the villain Ratty before his new super rat virus takes over all of the world’s computers. Join Spycat as he flies all over the world collecting clues to help foil Ratty’s destructive plan. Unscramble the words to move on to the next destination. You’ll need to use the Code book to crack the final code and read the message that will lead you straight to Ratty’s hideout. Can you get there before he carries out his evil plot?

Writing Games

GirlWelcome to Reading Planet’s Game Station, rif.org/kids/
readingplanet/game station.htm
, where reading and writing are all about fun. Have you ever been asked to write a poem for an assignment at school? It can be daunting at times, but Poetry Splatter introduces you to the fun side of writing poetry. How’s your free throw shooting? Sink It `n Solve It is basketball with a twist. Each time you make a shot, you earn a letter that brings you closer to solving the mystery word. Create and print your own story with Story Maker. First design the setting, then answer a few simple questions to begin writing.

Speak Out

Do you have any favorite sites to use for research assignments?

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Internet Research

Throughout the school year you will be assigned research projects on various topics in your classes. Not all of the information on the Web is reliable, so it’s important to have a list of sites that you know you can trust. The suffix of the domain name is one way to determine what type of site it is. Here are some examples: .edu is educational, .gov is government and .org is nonprofit. You can often find out all about the creators of a site when you read the “About Us” link. Here are just a few of the sites I always keep bookmarked for research:

Smithsonian Institution

Library of Congress

Educational Resources Information Center

The Internet Public Library

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