Week of August 3, 2014
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Who are the main characters in “The 39 Clues”?
Amy and Dan Cahill
Percy and Neptune
Carter and Sadie Kane

How many different bat species are there in the world?
More than 1400
More than 1500
More than 1250

What helps prevent bee stings?
Bug spray

Mythological World

MedallionEnter the online world of Rick Riordan, rickriordan.
, best-selling author of “Heroes of Olympus,” “The Kane Chronicles” and the “Percy Jackson” series. Read An Interview With Rick to find out why he left a career in teaching and why he decided Percy Jackson would have dyslexia. Do you enjoy stories about mythology? Try out some new reading material in Books and discover exciting adventures that await you. Scroll down to find The Fun! and visit Camp Half-Blood, Meet the Greek Gods and Discover Egyptian Magic.

Play Typing Jets
Typing Jets

Bat Cave

BatCreep into the Kidz Cave, batcon.org/index.php/all-about-bats/kidz-cave.html, to learn all about these beneficial creatures. Have you ever seen a bat music video? Watch Echolocation and learn fun facts as you listen to Batney Ears sing. Move on to Arts and Crafts, where you can make a crazy Bat Mask, play the Names and Faces coloring match game and print out an issue of Critter Connections. If you want to learn more, download Another Crossword Puzzle and see how much you remember. Now, you’ll really test your knowledge as you take the Bat Quiz.

Jungle Life

Man ClimbingDid you know that there are people who still live in the jungle? Join the Human Planet Explorers, bbc.co.uk/nature/human
, as they travel to tropical rainforests and reveal a different way of life. In Living the High Life, you’ll meet a family that lives 30 meters up in the jungle canopy. In Treetop Honey Gathering, watch as a father braves a swarm of bees at a hive high up in a tree to gather a sweet treat for his family. See how the Penan people collect a tree’s poisonous sap for the darts in the blow pipes they use for hunting in Making Poison Darts.

Speak Out

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Time Management

The beginning of the school year is an opportunity to establish good time-management habits. I like to make sure I get into a routine right from the start so I don’t get behind in any of my classes or activities. One of the things I always do is keep a planner with a list of all of my classes so I can write down the assignments I receive each day. I also like to list upcoming activities and big projects on the calendar at least one month before their due dates, so I can plan ahead to work on them.

Having a set time to do homework each day is also important. I usually come home, have a healthy snack such as an apple and cheese or a fruit smoothie, and then do my homework. That way, I have the rest of the evening free to relax or attend soccer practice.

Getting enough sleep is an important part of doing well in school, and that is why I try not to do homework too late in the evening, because then I am tired and it takes longer. Check out It’s My Life: You vs. The Clock, pbskids.org/itsmylife/school/time, for these and other great tips.

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