Week of July 20, 2014
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What is the highest mountain range in the world?
Rocky Mountains

Why did the Washington Monument close for three years?
A tornado damaged it
A hurricane damaged it
An earthquake damaged it

Which group of
animals do insects belong to?

Geography Fun

HimalayasMocomag presents Geography for Kids, mocomi
, an adventure in discovering landforms all over the world, the causes of earthquakes and more. Travel to snowy Indian Mountain Ranges, watch an interactive slideshow and complete a drawing project. Have you ever wondered why the water in the sea looks blue, but water in a bucket is clear? Find the answer in Why is the Sky Blue and Sea Blue? Time for some shade! Learn three Types of Forests that require specific climates to survive.

Play Verb Viper
Verb Viper

Kid News

JupiterNews for Your Classroom, magazines.scholastic.com, keeps kids up-to-date on current events. Scholastic features stories from its popular magazines so you can enjoy them in the summer. Check out “Dogs to the Rescue” in Video Highlights and see how dogs in Italy are being trained as lifeguards. Read about the changes that have been taking place since the late 1800s in the Great Red Spot of our solar system’s largest planet, Jupiter. View the News Archive to access previous articles.

Virtual Museum

BugBoyFraboom Online Museum, fraboom.com, is a place to discover, create and have fun. You can play games, read books, attend art classes and watch cartoons. Dodge traffic, rivers and predators when you play Beeline. Master the Games to unlock new levels to play. Do you like to draw? Even if you are a beginner, you will enjoy episodes of Kartoon Kow, where you can learn to draw faces, noses and mouths. There is also a live Drawing Academy available during the week. Next, kick back, relax and read “The Munchy Crunchy Bugbook” in Interactive Books.

Speak Out

Do you play sports? If so, which ones?

Speak Out Here!

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a popular hobby these days. Many recreational facilities and parks have climbing walls that range from beginner to advanced levels. While it’s fun, climbing is also a great way to exercise.

Did you know there are indoor and outdoor rock climbing clubs, classes, teams and camps? This is a great activity to do with family and friends. You can take a class together and then get started. Check out these sites to learn more:

Kids Climbing

Getting Started Rock Climbing

Beginner Rock Climbing Advice

Training for Youth Climbers


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