Week of July 13, 2014
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How many steps is 1.5 miles?

In Games, where are The Amazing Spelling Fleas?
The Circus
The Zoo
The Park

When should you wear a life jacket?
Near the water
On a boat
All of the above

Get Moving

ShoreVisit dramatic locales in our national parks at I Hike Virtual Trails, nps.gov/
. Begin by recording how far you’ve already walked today in Enter Walking Distance. Use the number of actual steps you entered to take virtual trips to scenic parks around the country. Now it’s time to Choose a Trail. Try the National Mall and Memorial Parks, an inspiring walk that begins with a visit to the Washington Monument. You’ll see beautiful Trail Images along the way. Acadia National Park is a scenic coastal forest. Can you guess where it is located?

Play Word Invasion
Word Invasion

TV Fun

EyeballsTVO Kids, tvokids.com/6-11, is the place to go for games, contests, homework help and kid shows. Watch episodes of your favorite shows like “The Big Escape” and “Citizen Science.” Check out Contests and Events for a Weekly Web Contest that you can enter to win prizes. Are you funny, an artist or an avid reader? Create and Share is a place to share your talents with others. Send in your funny jokes, best artwork, yummy recipes and book reviews. School will be starting up in a few weeks, so you might want to check out the Homework Zone, where video tutorials can help you with math.

Safe Boating

LifejacketThe National Safe Boating Council wants you to be safe on the water this summer. Meet the Boating Safety Sidekicks, boat
, and find out what you need to know to be careful but still have fun. Don’t Go Boating shares guidelines to help you decide if you are ready to go out on the water. In Water Dangers, you will discover things to watch for, such as strainers and low-head dams that can cause your boat to get stuck in the water. Find out what makes Super Seth so super. Take a quiz in Who Wants to be a Sidekick? Watch what happens when the life jacket doesn’t fit in the animated feature “Ahoy and the 3 Life Jackets.”

Speak Out

Would you want to live on a houseboat? Why?

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Dear Amy: I think it would be fun to go hiking with my family this summer. Where can I find information about how to make hiking fun?— Reece J., Denver

Dear Reece: You can make some wonderful family memories by hiking. It’s a terrific way to get exercise and explore new places. Many people think hiking is done only in the woods; however, if you live near a big city you might consider hiking an area where you can go sightseeing. National Geographic features 10 family-friendly hikes in this article: adventure.national

National parks are popular destinations for families in the summer. Have you ever been sledding in the middle of summer? You might want to check out the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, which is not too far from Denver. The sand provides a great place to go sledding, skiing or boarding.
If you are looking for a place to cool off while hiking, you might travel to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, where you can enjoy underground, ranger-led tours through the world’s longest cave system.


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