Week of July 6, 2014
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What is the worldwide network that connects
thousands of smaller networks?
The Internet
Social Networking

How much did the heaviest pig ever recorded
2500 lbs
3500 lbs
1500 lbs

What are the
three R’s?
Regenerate, Reuse, Recycle
Reduce, Remake, Recycle
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Cool Careers

Peter PacketHelp Nicole complete her
research paper about careers
in technology with Peter Packet, tinyurl.com/y8hlhly. When Nicole types key words into a search engine, Peter and his niece Penny find the information. During the search you will meet Harmony in her recording studio. She is collaborating with musicians around the world on a new song. Are you ready to ride in a submersible? Go to French Polynesia and explore with Hina, a marine biologist. Take pictures of rare deep-sea creatures. See the important part technology plays in each of these jobs.

Play Grand Prix Multiplication
Grand Prix Multiplication

Farm Facts

farmHow much do you really know about the fruits and vegetables you eat every day? The U.S. Department
of Agriculture presents the Hay Now Quiz Show, fsa.usda.gov/haynow/HayNow.html. Scarecrow is your host, so enter the barn and get started. Choose the correct answer from the bales of hay, but watch the timer! The quiz is over when the sun comes up. Fun Facts pop up throughout the quiz. For instance, a honeybee would have to visit 2 million flowers to make one jar of honey. Can you guess why fresh apples float, or how long it takes a hen to produce one egg?

Animal Facts

ElephantPoly the elephant has been taken by hunters who want to use her ivory tusks, and you must help her friend Peanut find her. Take the Elephant Tour, plastics.ca/peanut/english.
, and learn all about plastics, then use your knowledge to help save Poly. Plastic can be used instead of ivory to make the items the hunters want to make. You know an elephant never forgets, so when you begin in Australia you’ll have to solve a memory game. Now use your detective skills to
find plastic clues to store in your Loot Bag. After lunch, sort through your lunchbox to see if you met the Litterless Lunch challenge.

Speak Out

Have you ever been fishing? If so, where?

Speak Out Here!


One of the activities I love to do with my family in the summer is go fishing. There are many ways to fish. If you don’t like touching worms, fly fishing is a really fun alternative. You can put on waders or rubber boots and stand in a shallow stream for a different experience. If you haven’t ever tried it, you will be surprised to know that the “flies” used as bait are actually artificial. They are made of thread, wires, yarn, feathers and hair.

Freshwater fishing is the most common type of fishing. You can fish from a boat, a dock or the shore. If you are new to this activity and inexperienced at casting a line, you might want to try “still fishing,” which can be done without casting from almost anywhere. Saltwater fishing takes place in the ocean and is a bit more adventurous. To learn about this and all other types of fishing, the gear you’ll need, and tips and tricks, visit Take Me Fishing, takemefishing.org/fishing/family/fishing-with-your-family. Make sure you check out Fishing Safety Tips, too: takemefishing.org/fishing/fishopedia/


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