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What type of stone is the sculpture made of?

In a proper fraction, which number tells the total number of parts?
The Quotient
The Numerator
The Denominator

What is pet dander?
Tiny pieces of animal skin
Tiny pieces of animal fur
Tiny pieces of animal dna

Solve the Case

ForestCan you solve The Case of the Mysterious Object? Tate Kids presents the Art Detec
tive game, kids.tate.org.uk/
. You will need your magnifying glass and notebook to gather information and Solve Clues. First, Look Closer: Zoom in and turn the sculpture to observe all of its details. You will answer questions in three categories, including what the piece is, how it was made and who created it. Finding pieces of art that inspired this work will help you solve the mystery and complete your Progress Report.

Play Kitten Match
Kitten Match

Real Life Math

BoyMath Live, learnalberta.ca/
, uses real situations to help you practice math skills. In Place Value, Hank and Joe discover why decimal points are important when they see a sign advertising a $579 hamburger. Learn about Equivalent Fractions using pizza slices. This might make you hungry! You know how old your dog is in years, but how about in days? See how to figure it out quickly in Multiplication of Whole Numbers. Chelsea and Anna want a skateboard. Watch as they use their knowledge of Volume to win the contest.

Clean Your Lungs

White House ChefParticles in the air can enter your lungs and trigger reactions such as asthma and allergies. Join Buster Baxter: Lung Defender, pbskids.org/arthur/games/lung
, on a trip into your lungs. Enter the Lungs and earn points as you capture triggers such as dust mites, pollen and pet dander. You can also gather helpful objects, such as an inhaler with medicine to help you breathe easier. Did you know that a mold spore is a seed of a tiny fungus? Another trigger is pollen, which is found outdoors. More Fun Things has coloring pages and videos to enjoy at home.

Speak Out

Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument? If so, which one?

Speak Out Here!

Achoo! Allergies?

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies. All of that sniffling and sneezing can make you feel tired and drained. You can avoid some of the effects of allergies if you are in air-conditioning, but you probably want to go outside as much as you can in summer. One thing you can watch for is the amount of pollen in the air. You or your parents can check out the daily news reports
about the pollen count. If it is high, you might plan to stay indoors.

Some natural remedies you might not know about that can help clear up your sinuses are saline or salt water, used to clear a stuffy nose, and a cold compress to relieve sinus pressure. Do you like spicy foods? Meals made with cayenne pepper, onions and garlic can help clear your sinuses. If you are allergic to ragweed, try to avoid certain foods that can trigger allergy symptoms, such as bananas, melons, sunflower seeds and cucumbers. Here are some tips to share with your parents at Kids Health, kidshealth.org/parent/general/body/environ_con trol.html#.


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