Week of June 22, 2014
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What song is this: ssdsgf?
Row Row Row Your Boat
Happy Birthday to You
Hokey Pokey

On a training day, how many sports bottles full of water can a horse drink?

What does ATM stand for?
Automated Teller Machine
Automatic Tip Maker
Automatic Tap Machine

Play the Piano

Cave MazeWondering what to do on a rainy day? If you love music, you will love playing familiar songs or even composing your own at Virtual Piano, virtualpiano.net. This fun site was created to inspire you through music. Follow the simple Music Sheets that allow you to create beautiful music as you practice your typing skills. Learn to play “Under the Sea” or “A Whole New World.” You can also record your music and then play it back. Artists from all over the world contribute music sheets to the site. You can even record and upload your own videos of the keyboard as you play.

Play Ducky Race Subtraction
Ducky Race

School for Horses

BoyIt’s time to saddle up and go to a unique school where your classmates are horses! Equine Science 4 Kids, esc.rutgers.edu/
, is an interactive site dedicated to teaching you all about the health and care of horses. Did you know that horses love peppermints? A horse also creates about 50 pounds of manure a day, which can contaminate groundwater when it rains. Find out how horse farmers keep water clean in the Scoop on Poop. Now that you’ve learned all about horses, play Exercising Horsepower, where you get to be the horse trainer.

Invest Your Allowance

White House ChefMeet the Centsables, centsables.com, a group of superheroes who are here to teach you how to spend your money wisely. Learn about each character in Bios, where you’ll find out what their super powers are and where they work during the day. Next, move on to Lessons and read colorful short stories, such as “How Kids Earn Money.” You might get a few ideas that will help you earn some extra cash over the summer. Do you like reading Comics? Find out what happens when little Rosie drops a quarter in her mom’s growth serum in “Loosed Change.” Take a Scooter Ride, then navigate the Coin Drop and play Hi-Lo in Fun & Games.

Speak Out

Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument? If so, which one?

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Choosing an Instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument can be a fun challenge. There are several factors to consider when choosing which instrument you want to learn. For instance, what kind of music do you enjoy listening to? How big or small is your budget? Do you have practice space at home?

If you want to play and sing, you might consider going with a classic instrument such as a guitar or piano. Here are a few sites that will help you make the choice that is best for your needs and interests:

Instrument Matcher Quiz

Musical Instrument Choices

Which Instrument Should I Play?


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