Week of June 15, 2014
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How long were T-Rex’s teeth?
20 inches
8 inches
12 inches

What should you do if someone needs help in the water?
Reach to Rescue
Dial 911
Jump in and save them

When the president is working in the West Wing, who stands outside the north entrance?
A secret service agent
A U.S. Marine
An army general

Cave Adventure

Cave MazeAre you a top explorer? Put on your headlamp and enter Zipper’s Cave Maze, kids.
, to find secrets of the dinosaur caverns in Arizona. It might seem spooky when you enter the cave, but just start walking around to gather bones, keys and other treasures that will help you get to higher levels. Watch out for the creepy critters that will try to get in your way! There are 20 levels to master. Can you reach the end of the game? Try to stay on the path; if you fall off you will have to begin again.

Play Grand Prix Multiplication
Grand Prix Multiplication

Safe in the Water

BoyLochie the Lifeguard wants you to be safe in the water this summer. Learn how in swimandsurvive.
. In Water Safety, discover the AquaCode, three simple rules you should always follow when you go swimming. Now play Jack and Jen’s Amazing Adventure in Game Zone. When Jack gets into a tricky situation during a Picnic at the Lake, it’s up to you to choose the right rescue technique. Take the Swim and Survive Aqua Quiz to see if you and your friends are ready to be safe in the water this summer.

Step Into the House

White House ChefStep Inside the White House, whitehouse.gov/about/inside-white-house, and take a walk around the most famous residence in the world. Did you know that President Theodore Roosevelt gave the residence its official name in 1901? Find out what others wanted to name it and more in White House Trivia. The Interactive Tour is a virtual map of famous rooms in the White House that are rarely seen by the public. Tour the West Wing, then watch the Video Series and see what goes on behind the scenes. In Décor and Art, learn more about the famous paintings that hang in the White House.

Speak Out

Have you ever overcome a fear of a new activity? Tell us about it.

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Dear Amy: I am taking horseback riding lessons this summer and I am a little nervous. Do you have any suggestions? — Emily T., Minneapolis

Dear Emily: Horseback riding can be really fun, and you will probably learn to do even more than ride. You might learn about the care and keeping of horses, such as how early ranchers must rise to feed them. You may even get the chance to feed and help groom them yourself.

I have discovered a few sites that will help you learn a little bit more about horses before you begin your lessons. The more you know about horses, the more comfortable you will be around them.

Discover Horses

All About Horses

Horse History for Kids


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