Week of June 1, 2014
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How much is air traffic expected to grow in the next 20 years?

What is the name for the people on the island?

Where does the name Basho come from?
Famous Singer
Famous Poet
Famous Artist

Flight Design

PlaneAttention all students: NASA needs your help! Future Flight Design, futureflight.
, seeks to improve air travel of the future. Have you ever experienced flight delays or busy airports? Airplanes don’t just carry people, they also deliver mail and cargo all over the world. Help solve the Air Transportation Problem by conducting Research. See how Air Traffic is managed today, in the Final Approach Spacing Tool. Did you know that passengers in the United States alone flew 473 billion miles back in 2002?

Play Jet Ski Addition
Jet Ski Addition

Explore Madagascar

CreatureThis island isn’t just home to cartoon animals in a popular movie; it’s a real place with colorful creatures and a rich culture. A Tour of Madagascar for Kids, wild
, shows how unique the island is. Most of the plants and animals on Madagascar do not exist anywhere else on Earth. Did you know that Madagascar is home to all of the world’s wild lemurs? It also once had giant land birds that weighed up to 1,100 pounds and laid 20-pound eggs! Whether you are doing research or you’re just curious, you will enjoy exploring the island.

Tree House Games

Tree houseDid you know that the Magic Tree House can take you anywhere you want to go? Step into books and go on adventures in the Magic Tree House Game, magic
. Travel around the world to ancient China to discover secrets of the Dragon King’s tomb. Collect clues in your backpack that will help you solve Morgan’s puzzle. If you accomplish a perfect mission, you’ll earn a silver medallion. Once you complete the Mission Game, try Fact Tracker Showdown. Can you remember facts from the Magic Tree House books you’ve read to win the showdown?

Speak Out

What is your favorite game to play on a long road trip?

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Road Trip Games

Every summer, my family likes to go on long road trips to visit friends and relatives, and to see new places. To pass the time, I often bring along movies or games, but what about when those get boring? I like to have some backup activities planned just in case. One of the games my family likes to play is the alphabet game. Everyone has to find the letters of the alphabet, in order, on signs and billboards on the highway. When you see a letter, you shout it out, along with the word containing it, and whoever finishes the alphabet first wins.

We also love to play the license plate game, where everyone in the car has a blank map and tries to spot license plates from as many states as possible. A scavenger hunt is also fun, with a list of items in categories such as animals, people, vehicles and landscapes. Each person who completes a category gets a treat at the next stop.

I found these and other great ideas at Fun and Creative Ways to Pass the Time During Family Road Trips, tinyurl.com/l6hwbkh.


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