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What is diversification?
A short-term investment plan
A type of bank
The key to a long-term investment plan

Where do 25 percent of all ocean animals stop to rest or make their home?
Great Barrier Reef
Philippines Reef
Aegean Sea

What is a
A square cut into seven pieces
A square cut into five pieces
A square cut into eight pieces

Spend or Save?

HousesThe Great Piggy Bank Adventure, piggybank.
, will help you make good choices for that allowance and birthday money you have been collecting. Invest, save, spend and learn about wise financial habits as you navigate this site. Play Now to get started, then choose your character and a goal. Roll the dice to see where to go next. Earn extra money by making good decisions along the way. For example, should you treat yourself to a candy bar or save what it costs? This will determine how much you can add to your bank.

Play Island Chase Subtraction
Island Chase Subtraction

Make a Movie

Green EelLights! Camera! Action! Make your own movies at the Amazing Reef, sea.shedd
. To create an animated film, Enter Amazing Reef and choose your story, location, characters and music. In Finding Friends, you might travel to a tropical coral reef in the Philippines. Once your scene is set, select a hero, antagonist and supporting actor. Watch the auditions to find the best creature for the job. Choose from story options or Rewrite the Story. Record your animation once you are happy with the movie.

Animated Math

NumbersIf you’ve ever wondered what a word problem was really asking, the animated Maths Dictionary for Kids, amathsdictionaryforkids
.com/ dictionary.html
, will make your life much easier. For instance, learn what Fibonacci numbers are and how they work. Need help with homework? Visit Fractions and use the converter to practice your skills. Try some sample Algebra problems, then click Check to see if your answers are correct. In Time Around the World, drag your mouse across the map to see the time in other countries. Math concepts are fun and easy to understand here.

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Tell us about your favorite adventure on a family vacation.

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Family Vacation

School will be out before you know it, and your parents may be starting to plan a family vacation. Whether you like camping, beaches, history or adventure, summer is a great time to find new places to visit. Grab your camera and get ready to capture memories with your family this summer. Here are some great sites to visit for family vacation ideas:

2014 FamilyFun Travel Awards

51 Mini Family Vacations

Best Beach Resorts for Families

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts


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