Week of May 11, 2014
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Who created the first Farmerís Almanac?
Robert Bailey Thomas
Thomas Jefferson
William Farmer

What is the objective of The Sweep Pumpkin game?
Clear the pumpkin field without detonating rotten pumpkins
Collect as many pumpkins as you can
Use a broom to sweep the field clean

Which countries can you visit in Hermanís teleporter?
France, China, USA
England, Greece, USA
Spain, Finland, USA

Farmer’s Almanac

MoonThe Old Farmer’s Almanac
for Kids, almanac4kids.com,
is a combination calendar,
reference and farmers’
“how-to” guide. From its
first printing in 1792, the
almanac was a best seller.
Put in your ZIP code and find out your town’s weather. Explore the calendar to find important dates. Check out the Question of the Day, and
learn answers to such questions as, “Can I feed my dog anything to repel fleas?” Learn to identify birds by sound in Outdoors. The Activity Guide is full of great ideas for indoors and out!

Play Toad Hop
Toad Hop

Learning Fun

VowelsImprove your grades while playing fun educational
games at Cookie, cookie.com. Did you know
that puzzles exercise your brain? First visit Videos
and watch how the games are played, then go to Games and get started. In Kids Puzzle you will find jigsaws, mazes, sudoku and more, to help you learn everything from states and their capitals to rhyming words. Do you like art? Print coloring pages at home in Arts and Crafts. Certain concepts in school can be tricky, such as fractions or food chains. Practice them in Worksheets, then View Answer to see if you are correct.

Meet Herman

HomerIt’s time for a visit to Herman’s Homepage, hermanshomepage.
, where you can watch movies on his DVD player and play games like Six Piece Jigsaw. Join Herman as he goes on holiday for an Underwater Adventure. Play some rockin’ tunes with your friends in the Recording Studio. Do you like games? Try to match the musical
notes in Herman Says, then paint and print a picture in the Paint Box. In Stories, read about a naughty virus that got loose in Herman’s room and took all kinds of stuff with him! Now explore Herman’s Room, where you can watch his antics and enjoy a snack.

Speak Out

What’s your favorite summer camp? Tell
us about it!

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: My parents said I can go to a summer day camp this year, but how do I choose one? — Sullivan P., San Diego

Dear Sullivan: When picking out a summer camp, I like to ask friends if they have been to a camp they’ve enjoyed. There are many types of day camps in the summer. General camps, such as those offered by city parks and recreation departments, often have scheduled activities each day, such as
swimming, visiting parks or field trips. You can look at the schedule ahead of time and decide if the activities are ones you would like to participate in.

Specialty camps are something to consider if there are particular activities you enjoy. For example, if you love soccer, baseball, swimming, horseback riding or outdoor adventures, you might search for a camp that focuses on one of those things. Also, summer sports camps may be the place to help you work on advanced skills that will help you perform better during the regular season. Check out PBS’s Summer Camp: Choosing the Right Camp for other helpful tips, pbskids.org/itsmylife/friends/summercamp/article3


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